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Corporate Event Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Event

corporate event tipsWhen most people think about attending a corporate event, they envision boring presentations, stuffed shirts, overheated conference rooms, and monotonous conversations. The truth is, business events do not have to be a drag. In most cases, forgettable, boring corporate events are a result of poor event planning. A good event should be informative and exciting at the same time. Here are a few corporate event tips to help you plan your next event. 

Corporate Event Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Event

Corporate events can be super stuffy and boring. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, with proper planning anything is possible. Below are some corporate event tips for planning an unforgettable event.

1) Spice Up the Experience With a Purpose and Entertainment

When you first begin planning, it is important to establish the purpose of the event. Is it for fundraising, educating or entertainment? Whether the event is for:

  • inspiration
  • fun
  • networking

It is important to add experiences that all guests will enjoy. Consider adding music, entertainment, and games that can coincide with the purpose of the event. Enhance event entertainment even further with virtual reality in San Diego and other major cities where corporate events are common. Virtual reality experiences can be personalized to match the purpose and theme of your event.

2) Carefully Select Attendees

Planning a great corporate event is a great way to get like-minding business people together. It is not always necessary to invite everyone. Cultivate the invitations to bring guests who will best benefit the purpose of the event and each other. Start with a small list and let it naturally grow while looking for commonalities between all who are invited.

3) Create and Stick to a Budget

It is essential to start the planning of a corporate event with a detailed budget to follow. Similar to Doing this will ensure you don’t have to make significant cuts at the last minute. Your budget should include things such as:

  • food
  • staffing
  • venue
  • A/V equipment
  • speakers
  • transportation marketing

The more you can think of what to budget for, the better you will be able to plan accordingly. Line up your budget items by priority and work down the list.

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4) Choose a Venue

The venue can make or break a great corporate event. If you want to stay away from the norm of boring hotel conference rooms, consider looking for more creative spaces to throw your event. Find a venue that will complement the event’s theme and purpose. It should also be centrally located so most business travelers in attendance won’t be expected to travel exceptionally farther than anyone else.

Consider a lounge with billiards for guests to enjoy or hold the event in a downtown outdoor space. The options are endless and creativity will always be enjoyed by the attendees.

5) Choose a Theme and Date

The next step in planning a great corporate event is picking the date to throw it. To find the right date, consider the guests who will be attending.

  • Will they have to make travel plans?
  • Will it be on the weekend or a weeknight?

If you are throwing it around a holiday, ensure that the guests don’t already have personal plans. You should also pick a theme. The right theme can set the tone for the event and leave a lasting impression on the attendees. It should tie everything from the invitations and music to the speakers and entertainment together.

6) Choosing the Menu

The food you serve at a corporate event is important. Most people look forward to eating and drinking when attending events. To make this simpler, hire a caterer who can work with you to create a menu that will both match the theme of the event and please all who attend.


Planning an unforgettable event means being creative and thinking outside of the box. Business events often have bad reputations for being boring and forgettable. Following the right corporate event tips, any business event can live up to the hype and leave guests with a positive and lasting impression. Do you have any ideas on how to plan your next corporate event?


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