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How to Host a Gender Reveal Party on a Budget

gender reveal party on a budgetThere’s no more exciting event for most people than when they learn they are pregnant and about to become parents. And then, of course, announcing it to let your family and friends know if your new addition will be in boots or tutus, tiaras or mustaches, reels or heels…or more simply put, if your new bundle of joy will be a boy or girl. Gender reveal parties are all the rage right now. You’d like one…but is it possible to host a gender reveal party on a budget?

Long story short, it is…

How to Host a Gender Reveal Party on a Budget

If you ever scroll through social media, you’re bound to see your friends and acquaintances laughing, smiling, kissing, and hugging with a blue or pink cloud of smoke behind them. Those parties are fun and exciting…and you want one! Buuuuuut, you’d really like to host a gender reveal party on a budget, rather than go all out and get into debt before that soon-to-be expensive baby even comes out!

So how can you do it?

Follow the tips below and save some money, all while having a blast at your very own gender reveal party!

1) Free Invitations

Social media has allowed us the gift of planning and inviting our friends to a party with clear communication paths and ease of organization. If you want to host a gender reveal party on a budget, this is a fantastic place to start.

Creating an online invite is a great way to save time, money, and manage RSVPs all in one place. Along with the convenience, it is also free! If online invites aren’t your thing there are some cute choices of cards online or in any large retail store. Make sure to set a guest list that aligns with your budget.

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2) Refreshments

Choosing the time of your party will help with deciding what foods, snacks and drinks to serve.

  • Would you like to have a full meal like lunch or dinner, or
  • Keep it simple and easy and serve finger foods?

Whatever way you choose, if you want to host a gender reveal party on a budget, a potluck is a great idea!

Having a potluck allows everyone to get involved while keeping money in your pockets. An adorable idea is to have each woman prepare her favorite meal while she was pregnant. It will be a great time to see what each family brings and also hear the fun stories of the times when they were expecting just like you. 

3) Decorations

Simple is sometimes best when planning especially unique celebrations. Gender reveal parties will most likely be held in your home with your closest friends and family.

Some cute easy streamers and balloons would be a perfect backdrop for your afternoon. Feel free to get your family involved in the decorating as well. It is fun for each person to wear or bring pink and blue decorations depending on what they think the gender will be. Getting everyone in on the fun will only make your party better.

4) The Reveal

There are tons of ideas on how to have the perfect reveal.

This is the perfect time to get creative and allow your personality to shine and to choose something that is fun and bright. You are doing much more than having a party, you are making memories. And yes, great memories can still be made by throwing a gender reveal party on a budget!

The Gender Reveal Party on a Budget – Still a Blast!!

Finding out the gender of your baby is an exciting moment. A gender reveal party is the perfect time to celebrate with your family and friends. From a small group to a large event these parties are sure to be a great time. There are lots of possibilities that are sure to promise a great time without breaking the bank. This is a celebration of the new life coming.

Enjoy each moment to the fullest!

Are you starting to plan your gender reveal party! Don’t go into debt to do it! Keep it simple, make a budget, and stick to it!



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