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Things You Shouldn’t Sacrifice To Save Money

sacrifice to save moneyMany people that are trying to pay off debt and save money tend to make budgets so they can see where their money is going. If they have more money going out than coming in, they will typically make some sort of sacrifice to save money. This may mean cutting out cable, buying groceries instead of eating out, and the like.

But there are a few things that you shouldn’t let go of. In this article, we focused on four things that you shouldn’t sacrifice to save money.

Things You Shouldn’t Sacrifice to Save Money

Just don’t do it.

Don’t sacrifice these things even if you are tight on cash. It’s just not worth it in th end…

1) Your Health & Well-Being

This is a big topic, and it’s one of the things that many people sacrifice to save money.

  • Some will stop going to the gym,
  • some will buy really cheap and not so nutritious foods just to save money, and
  • may even give up their annual doctor visits.
  • Some have even gone as far as stopping medications that they need and deserve, just in order to save money.

And while our health system definitely needs an overhaul, it should go without saying that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health and well-being just to save money.

Instead, this should be your top priority.

  • You could always move to a lower cost of living area.
  • Your family can always downsize and become a one-car family.
  • You could even do things super drastic like living in an RV or pick up some side hustles in addition to your full-time job.

But you shouldn’t sacrifice your health…

Great Methods to Stay Healthy

  • Eating wholesome and nutritious foods,
  • moving your body at least 30-minutes a day, and
  • going to the doctor’s regularly (include the dentist, optometrist, and your primary care doctor)…

…can save you from health issues down the road.

And these things don’t have to be uber-expensive either. Sites like Sesame Care are making affordable doctors more available. Other sites like BudgetBytes and EatingHealthySpendingLess talk all about eating good for you food that doesn’t break your wallet. And you don’t need a gym membership to get moving. YouTube some kickboxing or yoga videos, and get going. Or, take a walk around your neighborhood. You don’t have to be hitting the weights for two hours a day just to get your body moving.

Also, this goes for your mental health too. Whether we want to believe it or not, our mental health plays a big part in our health. So, if you find yourself needing help in that space, don’t be afraid to speak out. Your doctor may be able to help you find affordable solutions. And of course, be kind to yourself.

2) Your Relationships

While I’m not saying that you have to spend $1,000 to go on vacation with your friends, building and maintaining relationships is important and can help with our mental and spiritual well-being. So, you shouldn’t sacrifice to save money in this area.

Instead, you can make small changes to still save money, without losing out on time with your friends, family, and even significant other.

  • Find offers from your city that you can do over the weekend.
  • Have an in-home date night.
  • Tag along for cook-outs and other family events.

These events are often free to do, give you bonding time, and allows you to still save money.

3) Your Savings & Investments

I know, I know, the last thing you’re worried about is your savings account when you have SO much to pay for. But by paying yourself first, you give yourself the chance to never owe anyone else again.

Your savings and investments should be a top priority, even if it’s just 1% of your budget. That money can still come in handy should an emergency arise.

As you find yourself getting more comfortable in your budget, making more, or finding other ways to cut out expenses, feel free to up the savings!

4) Your Hobbies

Now, I’m not talking about shopping or investing in bitcoin. I’m talking about the things that bring you joy, that you could do for the rest of your life for no pay and still love doing.

Hobbies like…

  • reading,
  • gardening,
  • sewing,
  • baking, or even
  • working on your car…

…can go a long way when you’re trying to save money, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice them.

Hobbies bring us joy and can help us avoid overspending, becoming depressed, and even give us a creative outlet that we could share with the world. And, for some hobbies, our crafts can even be turned into birthday and Christmas gifts.

When thinking about what to sacrifice to save money, hobbies shouldn’t be on the list, especially if you spend so little money and time on them already. If anything, I say increase your time and effort spent on your hobby, as much as you can. And you can always find ways to do your hobbies for free.

For example, I love to read. But I rarely buy new books. Instead, I utilize my local libraries, buy second hand, or read them via Kindle Unlimited, because it’s only $10 a month. I read way more books this way. But when I look at my spending, I only spend an average of $15 a month. And, I get to enjoy something I truly love doing!

If you love your hobbies, don’t sacrifice them. All that will do is make you cranky and unmotivated. Instead, find ways to enjoy them more, without spending more. You can save money without cutting your hobby out completely.

You don’t have to sacrifice to save money.

While there are things you should cut out to save money, like a daily run to Starbucks, some things just shouldn’t be sacrificed. And these are the four main areas where I think you should invest more in.

What is it that you won’t sacrifice to save money?

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