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Landscaping on a Budget: 5 Easy Tips For Your Next Renovation

landscaping on a budgetIs your backyard tired? Is the front yard looking a little rundown? Maybe you are just in the mood for a change-up or you want to spruce up the land surrounding your home for potential reselling down the road. The problem with this is that landscaping doesn’t come cheap; especially not when you contract out to a business. Pricing shouldn’t have to deter you from transforming your front and back gardens though because you could do the work yourself. Landscaping on a budget can be tough but it is doable. 

DIY projects for the home, both inside and out, has been taking the world of social media by storm and showing how you don’t need a gigantic budget for a renovation project. All you need is a bit of imagination, some elbow grease, willpower to get the work done and a smaller budget than you realized.

This theory applies to landscaping as well, which means that face-lift for your front and backyard is a go. Keep reading to find out how you can start landscaping on a budget!

Landscaping on a Budget: 5 Easy Tips For Your Next Renovation

Sometimes a change of scenery can be nice if you can afford it. However, your home renovation project doesn’t have to cost an arm or a leg. Check out some ways to start landscaping on a budget. 

1) Choose the Correct Type of Lawn

Depending on the climate you live in, a fully seeded lawn might not be the best option for you. Without the proper climate to grow the grass, and the time it takes to maintain it, you could end up with a patchy, sporadic lawn.

Grass also requires continuous…

  • mowing
  • fertilizing
  • raking

This can make it hard to find the time to complete all the tasks.

Plus, it can be extremely expensive to have a contractor come in and install sods in both your front and back yards.

Instead, choose plants that offer large coverage and can be trimmed to mimic the look of a sloping grass lawn. Plants such as thyme or labium grow quickly and spread over dry patches to give your lawns a lush, full appearance. These plants will need some maintenance – especially pruning (click here to find out the best ones on the market).

2) Get Crafty

If your landscaping includes changing out your patio furniture on your back deck; then instead of purchasing an entirely new set (unless your current set is falling apart or is unsafe), why not spruce it up with a coat of paint and some new cushions? You can pick up paint at your local hardware store and find cheap cushions at a department store. Can’t find something that you like? Then head to your local craft store for material, thread, and stuffing. There are numerous easy DIY cushion tutorials.

With a fresh coat of paint, snazzy new cushions and an updated look; it will seem like you have a new patio furniture set when you don’t!

3) Start Building When Landscaping on a Budget

Another option to landscape your budget on the cheaper side is to start building. If your AC unit is located outside, your main propane tank is by the side of the house or your garden hose is just throwing in the middle of the lawn; then get building.

Choose natural woods such as:

  • oak
  • a light varnish
  • stain and a weatherproofing coat

Build containers for these objects that can distract from the natural beauty of the home and instead enhance it. You can even leave the room at the top of the structure for a small flower garden.

Use tilled soil and colorful, annual flowers to set off the natural-looking wooden structures around your yard.

4) Make Paths

Concentrate patio stones or wooden cases surrounding poured cement can turn your backyard into a showcase. Use these to make a path to the highest-trafficked areas and line the borders with solar lights.

Making paths can:

  • create a safety barrier between your lawn and the person trekking around
  • help the lighting illuminate the path for those evenings spent outdoors

All the equipment for creating patio stones or pre-made ones can be found at your local hardware store and solar lights are sold everywhere from dollar stores to department stores and of course, hardware stores.

5) Upgrade your Garden Beds

Use a colorful mulch or flat beach rocks to outline your garden beds. This can turn your backyard into a structured and uniform array of lush greenery. If using mulch, use it to raise the beds about two or three inches to prevent accidental damage from people walking. If using flat beach rocks, dig into the soil to stabilize them against changing weather conditions.

It’s Time to Get Started!

Your backyard can be a place of relaxation and somewhere to escape the craziness of the hustle and bustle people must contend with every single day. You don’t want to lose this oasis of peace and relaxation for the simple reason you aren’t enjoying it anymore.

  • Plan out your front and backyard plans before going out and purchasing anything.
  • Make a list of the items you will need to complete your blueprints and start saving extra money when/where you can.
  • Get creative in finding items for your new landscape and put aside a few dollars each payday.
  • Set an end goal date of six to eight months to allow for savings to grow.

All of this can prevent you from feeling the entire expense from your checking account at one time.

Are you ready to get started on your new renovation project with a healthy budget?

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