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Business Marketing Trends to Expect in 2020

business marketing trendsAs you’re making digital marketing plans for the new year, you want to consider what has paid off well in the previous year. It’s always good to put more effort into trends that are working for you. One thing we know about digital marketing though is that as trends change your results may vary, so you always want to be building toward the next big thing that will give you results. Below, you’ll find five business marketing trends you can expect to see taking over in 2020.

How will you capitalize on these trends for your business?

Business Marketing Trends to Expect in 2020

Business marketing trends are important in order to ensure the success of your business in yet another year. Whether you have made your plans already or not, these marketing trends should help you decide what could help you going forward. Take a look at the list below to see if something could possibly help your business. 

1) Companies Will Find New Ways to Break Into Messaging Apps

There is less emphasis on your email newsletter as the most personal way to connect with consumers. Messaging apps like…

  • WhatsApp,
  • WeChat, and
  • Viber….

…are becoming more popular, and so marketers are needing to find new ways to monetize them and reach their customer base. 

2) An Emphasis on Privacy and Transparency

This has become more of an issue in recent years and companies need to adapt in 2020. For many consumers, all companies are suspect. It’s up to businesses to establish a transparent atmosphere and the sense that customers can trust them. Expect to be asked about your company values when hiring or renewing your contracts with internet marketing services in 2020. Part of your branding will involve revealing more about your company’s core mission–one that strives for something beyond selling.

You will also be encouraged to always respond to customer concerns as soon as they arise. Showing that you care about customer privacy will be an important part of a trustworthy brand. 

3) Personalization

Despite all the jokes about how creepy it is that internet ads seem to know consumers better than they know themselves, internet users find advertisements that are irrelevant to their interests to be annoying. A sense of personalization takes a pay-per-click ad from something flashy to be ignored to a piece of content users seek out.

The more personalized your marketing can be, the greater the connection you’ll make with customers, and the more success you’ll see in your marketing. 

4) Even More Video Content

In the past few years, digital marketers have been stressing the importance of video content for companies. This trend continues in big ways.

Customers now expect to be able to find video content that explains how to use products or the benefits of specific services. For many customers, not finding this type of content makes a company less desirable. Customers also want to see review videos from influencers they trust, giving them a firmer connection with companies. 

5) SEO for Voice Search

When people search using voice, they say very different things than they do when typing in a search. This is one reason optimizing your website for voice search differs from traditional SEO (search engine optimization). Voice search is becoming more popular with users. As that trend continues, people who learn to optimize for voice search early on will benefit from being an early adopter of these techniques.

When hiring internet marketing services next year, it may pay to ask them about their experience with voice search optimization.

Business Marketing Trends: In Conclusion

For yourself, keep in mind that voice searches are longer and contain more conversational words. When someone speaks about your business, what are they liking to say when talking to a friend? This is how people talk to their voice assistance apps. Optimize for question searches.

Also, keep in mind that many voice searches are for immediate pieces of information.

  • Do people need to know your store hours?
  • Directions for how to get to your location?
  • The top items on your restaurant menu?

Optimizing your website to give users quick answers for these things can create an opportunity to be useful to your customers.

Do you already have a marketing plan in place for your business? Is your business ready for marketing trends of 2020?



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