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Successful Single Moms – It IS Possible!!

successful single momsAccording to a U.S. Census Bureau, more than 80% of single-parent households are single mothers. And, about 1 in 4 children are being raised by a single mother. Many struggle, but there are successful single moms out there! Learn how to become one and start owning your future today!

Successful Single Moms – It IS Possible!!

For some single mothers, success and being financially secure seems like a far off fantasy. But it is possible. I myself know quite a few successful single moms. Recently, I had the privilege to interview a former single mom who paid all of her student loans, created a side hustle, and turned that side hustle into a full-time business.

Before I get into my interview with Choncé of My Debt Epiphany, I’d like to say a few things about successful single moms, and how it’s possible to be one.

Define Success On Your Terms

What does being a successful single mom mean to you?

  • Does it mean living a debt-free life?
  • Or does it mean being able to save for your kid’s college?
  • Does it mean making 6-figures a year?

Everyone has a different definition of success, so choose what that means for you. You don’t have to live your life for anyone but your kids and yourself. So, define success for you, and go for it.

No one else has to understand your journey to become the best version of you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Help – Single Doesn’t Mean Alone

When society thinks of “single motherhood”, many may incorrectly assume that the mother has no help whatsoever. But that’s often not entirely true.

Sure, as a single mom, you’re…

  • taking on the household,
  • taking care of the kids, and
  • working all by yourself.

However, there are ways to get help when you need it and be able to take some time for yourself to reach your goals and dreams.

That may include:

  • getting help from family and friends,
  • getting government assistance while getting back on your feet, or
  • putting your kids in a program so you have a few hours each week to work on your business or run errands.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and receive it. Even the most successful single moms have help from time to time.

Work On Your Dreams

Motherhood doesn’t end your hopes and dreams.
  • If you want to be self-employed, go for it!
  • If you want to get your degree, do it!

Being a single mom isn’t an end-all for you, and my interview with Choncé will prove that.

You can still be a great mom while building and working on your dreams. In fact, your kids will get to see first hand that if mom can do anything she sets her mind to, so can they.

Now, onto my interview with Choncé!

1) Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Choncé, a personal finance writer and work from home mom who lives in the Midwest. I went from being a single mom getting by on welfare to paying off my student loans and car loan ($30,000 of debt) and becoming more financially stable so I can build a legacy for my son.

2) Did you find it challenging to reach your financial goals and raise your child alone?

I did find it challenging when I was a single mom because there was no one to fall back on. Thankfully I knew my family would always be supportive…but there were a lot of days when I felt super alone.

However, I also used this to motivate me to work harder to improve my financial situation and pay off debt. I developed a stronger work ethic than I’d ever had before and told myself that failure wasn’t an option.

3) How did you overcome obstacles as a single mom?

Overcoming obstacles started with my mindset. I saw a lot of statistics basically stating how young single moms were destined to fail and I didn’t want that to be my life.

I had a very stressful pregnancy but decided even before my son was born that I would pick myself up and create a better future. Once I had the motivation and drive to succeed, I started setting goals and planning the action steps I’d take.

high paying side hustles for single moms

4) What do you attribute to your success as a single mom?

Since my income was low and the only money coming into the household, I tried to find ways to save and stretch what I had.

  • I kept living in a basic no-frills apartment,
  • learned how to cook different dishes so we could eat good food at home,
  • furnished my apartment with used furniture,
  • bought used clothes, and
  • took advantage of community resources when available.

I also sought out support from family and friends, and joined a college parent’s group. It helped encourage me and was grateful that my mom and siblings would help babysit when I had to work.

Even though my mom was a single mom as well and couldn’t help me much financially, just having someone in your corner who believes in you and that you can bounce ideas off of can mean the world.

After keeping my expenses super low and identifying my support system, I started funneling everything extra toward debt. I also focused on increasing my income. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize it, but I told myself that I could earn as much money as I wanted to.

I’d initially found some writing gigs on Craigslist and liked that I could make money while staying home with my son. I also found flexible and higher-paying work to do like brand ambassador gigs in my area. My intention was to make sure that every move I made was getting me closer to my goals.

5) What would you say to a single mom looking to pay off debt, build a business, etc? What tips do you have based on your journey?

Your goal may seem intimidating at first, but it’s all about your mindset and motivation. Growing up, my mom always told me “you can do anything that you put your mind to” and that’s so true. Believe and support yourself even when no one else does. After that, set your clear goal and work backward with action steps and habit changes.

If you want to pay down debt but don’t know how, figure out what lifestyle and financial changes you need to make. Maybe you need to go on a spending fast or get a side hustle.

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If you want to start a business, perhaps, you need to start with lots of research or consult with an expert and start mapping out your service or product offering. Identify your target audience and test out your ideas before moving forward.

Realize that success doesn’t come overnight but all you need to do is take the first step and it will get easier as you move along.

Successful Single Moms – It’s Definitely Possible!!

After seeing so many successful single moms, and after my interview with Choncé, I’m convinced that moms can do anything, even when met with adversity.

I know your journey as a single mom won’t be easy, but Choncé shows that it’s worth it to still keep going and working hard. You don’t have to let statistics define you. You CAN be a successful single mom!

Are you ready to be a successful single mom? What actions are you going to take to make it possible?

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