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3 Small Business Hacks to Save You Money

small business hacksIt’s no secret that running your own business can be very rewarding. However, it can also be very expensive…especially at the beginning. When you are just starting to grow, every day can feel like you are preparing to make your way to the battlefield. Doing battle with what feels like a never-ending onslaught of competitors, whilst your stash of weapons (or funds) are slowly being depleted. Even with these problems, there are ways for you to save money in your business. See below for small business hacks that can help your company save money.

3 Small Business Hacks to Save You Money

Running an effective business requires that you save just as much as you spend in order to make money. Here are 3 small business hacks that are guaranteed to save your small business some money. It can leave you with some breathing space to grow and develop to your full potential.

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1) Make use of the huge list of resources that are out there available to you and at your disposal. 

Too often people believe that in order to seem professional and ‘legit’ they have to pay for services that bigger companies use, right from the get-go.

However, this will more than likely: 

  • set them back financially
  • and means that they are wasting time putting off starting their businesses until they have enough money for what they think they need

Ignore what you think you need to look like a professional business owner and just get started!

Instead of saving money to hire an experienced website designer, why not use a free platform for your website instead? While it is always better to own your own website, using a free platform such as Wix or WordPress allows you to get started until you can afford to switch over later. They also make the process super simple to use.

Already a fully-fledged business?

Then why not look into resources in other areas that could help save you a few pennies such as:

  • admin and project management tools ( and ClickUp)
  • look into your current logistics

If you want to save more on your current shipping costs to get more for your money you can compare UPS freight shipping quotes here

2) Virtualize your office

Do this only if possible, of course…

While this won’t be a possibility for everyone, more and more people are setting up businesses and operating from home. In turn, it will lower many of their outgoing expenditures.

This is a great option to save your business some money as you:

  • no longer have to think about the rent, and
  • can save a lot of money on insurance.

If you are worried about finding effective and hardworking remote employees then don’t – you will find no shortage of talented and experienced staff who either:

  • already have the experience, and
  • are willing to make the change to working remotely

These days nearly everyone owns a computer of some sort and these jobs are becoming increasingly popular and in demand. This is due to people’s desire for a better work-life balance or wanting to start their own business on the side. Examples of incredibly skilled workers already working online in various kinds of fields range all the way from:

  • IT
  • accounting
  • customer support representatives
  • virtual assistants

If you run the type of business space where this isn’t possible and you need office space then why not look into lowering your office costs instead? Perhaps you can negotiate a better lease with your landlord or find a better deal on office space elsewhere. 

3) Free online marketing 

If you have yet to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to internet marketing then what are you waiting for? Think that social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter exist only for selfies and those that fancy a political rant? Then think again and start posting and talking about your products and services online on a regular basis in order to reach a bigger demographic and watch your number of customers rise.

You could also set up your own company blog which has the potential to get seen by a mass audience, potentially worldwide, for very minimal costs. There are also plenty of marketing platforms and tools available that have nothing to do with social media, such as MailChimp and Tailwind, which will help you along the way with customer outreach and to keep an organized social media schedule. 

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Small Business Hacks – In Conclusion

Don’t have the funds to be able to hire a marketing or brand manager who already has the expertise? No need to fret, there are many online marketing and SEO courses available at very low prices. You can even do this free of charge, so you can train yourself up and become a self-made marketing wiz in no time.

Are you ready to use some small business hacks to make your business thrive?

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