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9 Careers That Require Travel

careers that require travelSometimes travel can be the greatest part of your chosen profession. You get to do what you love and see the world. What can be better than that?! There are quite a few careers that require travel. Below are just a few of the many careers that require travel around the world.

9 Careers That Require Travel

If you long to see the world or at least see the states, there are several careers that can fulfill your needs. Listed below are a few to consider.

1) Flight Attendant

Want to see the world? Depending on the airline you work for, traveling to countries around the world is pretty much the norm.

You can visit countries such as:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Nigeria…

…and possibly more than that within the timespan of a week.

Sometimes the return trip isn’t until the following evening, giving you a full day to take in the culture, shop, and view the beautiful surroundings. While rates will vary depending on the airline, the average annual salary of a flight attendant is about $50,000. 

2) Nursing

There are ways to combine your love of caring for people and travel around the country. Travel nursing is a rewarding career for anyone who doesn’t want to remain in one location.

As a general rule, you will earn a higher salary versus that of a registered nurse on staff with a median salary of around $90,000 per year. 

3) Consultant

One of the great careers that require travel includes consultants. Consultants are in high demand. Large companies use them to create strategies to earn more money and to help solve complex problems.

Since most companies have locations around the world, as a consultant you may find yourself in China one week and Australia the next. The median salary of a consultant is roughly $75,000 (but could be way more if you’re highly qualified).

4) Teach English Abroad

If you currently teach English in a school system in the states, you can use your skills to teach children around the world the English language. This career path can take you to remote parts of the world you otherwise would not see. On average, you can earn $2,000 a month.

5) Tour Guide

If you want to see the world and absorb a wealth of knowledge, becoming a tour guide can provide a rewarding career.

Not only do you see exotic places, but you can:

  • learn about foreign places, and
  • offer that knowledge to others.

If sitting at a desk leaves you dreaming about seeing far away places, then this career path can turn them into a reality. While the salary won’t make you financially stable, the guided tours and associated costs such as food and housing are included as job perks.  

6) Writer

Under the employment of news media, you can have a lucrative career as a writer.

Some assignments may be:

  • tasting different cuisines
  • staying at resorts and popular hotels 
  • visiting child-friendly vacation destinations

Reporters write about their experiences on-sight. You can also write for yourself, by creating your own blog. The average salary is approximately $60,000.00 annually. 

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7) Private Yacht/Cruise Ship Operator

If you love being on the water and seeing new destinations around the world, becoming an operator of a cruise ship or a private yacht will satisfy your inner yearning. While docked at various ports, you will have several hours and sometimes a day or two to take in the sights, culture, and food. The salary can vary depending on the cruise line or private citizens you work for.  

8) Scuba Diver Instructor

Many island vacation destinations offer scuba diving lessons. This career can take you around the world to many exotic islands with guests eager to learn. You can teach scuba diving seasonally to supplement your income year-round. The pay is roughly $35,000 to $40,000 annually. 

9) Au Pair

If you love children and want to see the world, becoming an Au Pair can take you to Paris one year and the Middle East the next. As the nanny, you’ll teach children the English language, do daily chores, and provide babysitting services in exchange for a room, meals, and weekly salary. 

Careers that Require Travel…Which Will You Choose? 

If working in an office setting does not appeal to you, there are plenty of jobs that will bring you to beautiful countries around the world. Some of the listed careers will require education or certification and a few months of training. But they might be just what you’re looking for!

So what do you think? Are you going to start pursuing careers that require travel?

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