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44 Side Jobs For Moms

There is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom. However, some stay at home moms may want to find ways to contribute financially for their families, and that’s okay too. Here are some of the best side jobs for moms, plus how much they pay!

The Best Side Jobs For Moms

There are so many different side jobs for moms that you can try. Here are 44 different ways to earn money while being home with your kids.

1) Start An In-Home Daycare

If you have space, why not start an in-home daycare?

  • You’ll be able to take care of your kids,
  • they’ll be able to socialize with kids their age, and
  • you can make money from home.

While this could become a full-time gig as well, you could always start with before and after school care, weekend care, etc.

Starting your in-home daycare means you can charge as much or as little as you want. But many home daycares charge anywhere from $100-$300 a week per child for full-time care.

Side Jobs for Moms2) Become A Babysitter/Nanny

Not ready to take care of so many children? You can always nanny in your home for one or two kids. You can also take care of them in your own home, which means less driving time. Plus, you’ll be helping a family that needs the childcare, so it’s a win-win for everyone! The average hourly rate for a nanny is $13-$15 an hour.

3) Data Entry

Have decent typing and computer skills? You can make money with data entry. All you need is a numeric keypad and a computer with high-speed internet access. Online options include working with Clickworker and AccuTran Global. Data entry can pay up to $25 an hour.

4) Legal Transcriptionist

Legal transcriptionists listen and transcribe recordings made by attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals into legal documents. While a license may be required based on your county and state, many legal transcriptionists can get started without any certifications or experience.

Transcription For Everyone offers legal transcription as a work from home opportunity, and you can earn up to $15 an hour.

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5) Transcriptionist

Not looking to get into the legal field? That’s okay. You can transcribe regular documents, videos, and podcasts, and still make extra money on the side.

Transcribe Me and SpeechPad are always looking for extra transcriptionists. You could earn up to $1.00 per audio minute.

6) Coding & Billing

While your state may require you to get a certificate in coding and billing, this medical field opportunity is well paying and you can do it from home.

The Coding Network and iMedX look for both part-time and full-time employees, so you can work on your own schedule.

7) Conduct Phone Surveys

Are you a people-person? If you said yes, become a phone survey conductor. You’ll call people at home that have used a product or service, and get their opinions about it.

ORC International is a great option to start with. While they pay fairly low (minimum wage), you can work on your own time.

8) Customer Service/Call Center

Another great option for extroverts and someone who loves talking to people is working from home as a customer service representative.

This is one of the best side jobs for moms, because it requires no experience and most of us have already had a customer service job at some point. And did you know that big name companies like Amazon and Apple hire work from home customer service positions fairly often?

The pay and benefits are usually great too, especially if you decide to work full-time. But part-time is still an option and you could earn $10-$15 an hour depending on your experience.

9) Online Chat Agent

Not a fan of being on the phone? That’s okay! Become an online chat agent instead.

Companies like LiveWorld and ModSquad hire independent contractors and pay up to $13 an hour. And, you can set your own schedule, which means you can work as little or as much as you want, at any time.

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10) Technical Support Agent

If you have any IT experience, you can also become a technical support agent. Companies like Apple hire support agents to work from home and in the office, but you can choose whatever you want. Pay is competitive and many employees qualify for benefits as well, even when working part-time.

11) Dispatcher

If you thrive under pressure and can multitask, you can be a dispatcher and earn up to $40,000 a year while working from home. You can also work day shift, night shift, weekends only, or a combination of them depending on your schedule.

legitimate ways to make money online12) Online Tutor

Are you really good at a particular subject? You can make money online by tutoring kids, teens, and even adults. Sites like Chegg and start at $15 an hour, but depending on your experience, you could be earning up to $30 an hour.

13) ESL Teacher

If you have a degree and are willing to get a TEFL certificate, you can teach ESL online. While many companies are based in China or Dubai (which means super early mornings for employees), you could earn up to $25 an hour.

The most well known online ESL teaching site is VIPKid, but Qkids and Skooli are great options too.

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14) Music Teacher

Parents are always looking to enrich their kids lives and education. And one of the easiest ways to do that is through music. If you’re great with instruments, you can teach music lessons online.

Sites like Outschool let you set your own schedule and price, so you can work as much as you want.

15) Proofreader

Do typos and grammar errors bother you? Do you find yourself correcting authors and freelance writers? If you said yes, you should become a proofreader. Not only does it pay well (the average proofreader makes $50,000 a year), but you can also work for yourself or work for a company, both full time and part time.

Sites like Editor Live and Prompt pay up to $2,000 every two weeks based on how much you work.

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16) Freelance Writer

Before anything ever gets proofread, it first needs to be written. And that’s where writers come in.

Want to write and get paid to do it? There are so many different options as a freelance writer. You can write articles and blog posts (like this one!), books, magazine articles, and more.

While there isn’t much of an “average” pay for freelance writers, you can make up to $1,000 an article depending on your niche. ProBlogger has a job board that you can use to get started.

17) Freelance Editor

Yes, there is a difference between a proofreader and editor. While a proofreader fixes typos and grammar errors, and editor reads, reviews, and corrects a paper/article, then formats it and fixes the tone to fit their client’s needs.

If you like working on multiple tasks at one time, and love reading different works of writing, you may be a great freelance editor. The pay varies, and you’d get paid per project, but it’s a great way to be creative and make a living.

make additional income social media manager18) Web Design

Another great creative outlet is web designing. What you see on blogs and websites is what a web designer does. From drop down buttons to videos and photos, a web designer puts it all together. Sites like Upwork and Fivver show that many web designers get paid at least $500 per website.

Not sure how to start with web designing? There are many free and cheap classes to help on sites like Skillshare and Coursera.

19) Web Development

Before a web designer can do their job, a web developer has to make sure the site can run properly and without issues. While this skill is more technical, it is in high demand, especially if you know how to code in multiple languages (HTML, JavaScript, and Python, just to name a few).

The best part? Web development pays up to $100,000 a year, and you can work both part-time and full-time.

20) Computer Programming

Want to create games, software, or online apps? Computer programming is a great work from home option. And, you don’t even need a degree. In fact, did you know that many of Google’s employees don’t have a degree, but are instead, self-taught?

Some great online computer programming classes can be found online for free. Computer programmers can earn up to $80,000 a year or more, depending on the languages they know and if they work full-time or part-time.

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21) App Creation

Love playing with different apps on your phone? Why not create one? You could earn money from your app via ads, in-game purchases, or even by making it a paid app.

You will need to know how to code, or you can build an app via an app builder. Just be aware though that app builders have limited functionality and options.

22) Graphic Designing

Whether you’re self-taught or have a degree in graphic design, you can earn some serious cash. You can earn money by freelancing, or by creating digital products that customers can use over and over again.

Fivver is a great place to start if you want to freelance, and Creative Market and Etsy are good options if you want to design your own templates, logos, and more.

23) Video Editing

Love YouTube videos? Don’t mind sitting for hours to go through a video and make it great? Then become a video editor! Not only does it pay well (many video editors start at $50 or more per 30 minute video), but you also don’t need any fancy equipment. In fact, if you have a Mac computer or laptop, you have a built in editing software for free.

24) Social Media Management

If you love Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and other platforms, you can make money as a social media manager. Earnings will vary, but many social media managers start at $20 an hour. And, if you learn about social media ads, you can charge even more.

Keep in mind that social media management is not the same as playing around on social media. You’ll have to observe analytics, make marketing decisions to bring in new customers for your clients, and more. However, it’s a great opportunity if you love being social.

blog goals25) SEO Specialist

If you can learn SEO, you can work for just about any website, blog, or YouTube channel. SEO is important for websites to build authority and readers, so they’re always looking for ways to improve.

26) Research Assistant

Love researching? Why not become a research assistant? Pay can range from $30,000 to $75,000 dollars a year depending on your work load and niche.

ZipRecruiter always has research assistant options available for those that want to work from home.

27) Bookkeeping

Good with numbers and tight deadlines? Become a bookkeeper! You can work with entrepreneurs, small companies, or even larger companies, from the comfort of your own home. Many bookkeepers start at $20 an hour when they’re self-employed.

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28) Actuary

While you need a bachelor’s degree to be an actuary, it also allows you to work from home. Plus, the job outlook looks bright, and is growing faster than average. Actuaries (people that basically use math to predict future occurrences), even if working from home or part-time, can make up to $50.00 an hour.

29) Mediator

Yes, you CAN become a mediator without a degree (depending on your state). And you can make up to $150 an hour too. The best part about being a mediator? You can work from home or meet up with clients when the times are convenient for you.

rebound from a financial hit30) Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is a broad term that basically just means you can do anything from home. From admin work to social media to research to podcast help, virtual assistants can help with just about anything.

While you can start with admin tasks, you can eventually niche into what you love doing the most online. I even know of some virtual assistants who just work on specific projects, like moving blogs to new hosting companies and platforms.

The average virtual assistant charges anywhere between $20 and $60 an hour.

31) Translator

Know a different language? Know ASL? Become a translator and earn up to $30 an hour or more.

You could always work with a company, or you can branch out as a freelancer. Just make sure you’re following state laws and have credentials if required.

32) Dog Walker/Sitter

If you love pets, you can always become a dog walker or sitter. Sites like Rover make it super easy to set up a profile and charge what you think is fair. If your kids love animals too, you can pet sit and walk as a family! And the best part? The dogs are super cute. 😉

33) Reseller

Have an eye for fashion or interior design? Resell items. You can find items at garage sales, thrift stores, and more and resell them for a profit on sites like eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, and even Amazon.

34) Rent Out Your Car

Some families don’t need two cars at all times. But that doesn’t mean your car just has to sit there. Instead, rent it out and get money without having to leave your house.

Sites like Turo say you can earn up to $700 a month. And don’t worry, many sites cover the car with their own insurance policies so you’re safe if a renter wrecks it.

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35) Create Digital/Non-Digital Products

Sites like Etsy have made it easier than ever to be a creative. If you want to sell handcrafted projects, or digital products like stickers and online planners, you can do so easily. All you need to get started is an Etsy account, and 40 cents per item that you list.

Etsy sellers can earn upwards of $50,000+ a month from their stores!

36) Rent Out A Room

Just like you may have a spare car, you may have a spare room that you can rent out too. Airbnb shows you…

  • how much you could make based on your location,
  • how many nights you want to rent out the room for,
  • and how much space you have to rent out.

Just remember to always practice safety and to make your kids aware of safety rules too.

37) Rent Out Your Garage/Parking

If renting a room out isn’t ideal for you, you can always rent out your parking space or garage. You could even earn up to $400 a month just by doing this!

38) Bake From Home

I don’t know about you, but I love a good homemade chocolate chip cookie. So to me, this is one of the best side jobs for moms. And many states have cottage food laws which allow you to bake and sell goods right from your home.

39) Write Resumes

With many people going back to school to increase their skills, Gen Zers getting into the workforce, and the thousands of jobs that can’t seem to be filled, great resumes are in high-demand. You could become a resume writer and earn up to $30 an hour.

40) Paint Houses

Want another family activity? You can earn money painting houses. Now, I only recommend this if your children are old enough to do so, but it can be quite a lucrative side gig. In fact, in many areas, painting a home could net you $1,000 or more.

41) Sell Microgreens

Got a green thumb? Microgreens are all the rage right now, and they’re easy to grow and sell.

Of course, you’ll have to check with local laws, but microgreens can be grown in less than a week, and will sell for $7-$10 a pint if they’re organic.

42) Fill Out Online Surveys

While this isn’t the most lucrative of the side jobs for moms, it is quick, easy, and can earn you money in your spare time. Here are some of my favorite sites:

side hustles - photographer43) Become A Photographer

If you have the talent and camera for it, you can always become a photographer. And there are so many different niches for photographers too. From weddings to corporate events to entrepreneurs needing headshots, you can be as busy as you want once you build your portfolio.

Plus, you can charge a premium depending on your services. For example, I paid a photographer $500 just for some new headshots and photos for my new website. And that was before editing!

44) Clean Homes/Businesses

Another family friendly side job that you can do is clean homes or businesses. Businesses will pay the best and typically love sticking with one cleaner long-term, but houses are less time-consuming. So it really just depends on how much you want to work and make. Most business cleaners charge anywhere from $30 to $80 an hour, if not more depending on the building they clean.

Side Jobs For Moms: Final Thoughts

There are so many different side jobs for moms, you just have to pick what you’re good at and wouldn’t mind doing in your spare time. And, some of these are family friendly, which means you don’t have to send the kids anywhere or ignore them to be able to get work done. And that’s a win for everyone.

Out of all the side jobs for moms that you saw, which was your favorite?

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