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15 Steps to Winning Financially – Check It Out, Win $100!!

About 3 months ago, I was thinking to myself, “What more could I do that would really help my readers?” 

The answer didn’t come to me immediately, but soon after, I started responding to financial questions from quite a few folks that visited my site.

  • One question was about how to invest extra money
  • Another was about how to save up for college
  • And, one individual really wanted to know how to get out of debt quickly

I had written an article about each one of these topics…but I have to admit, they were tough to find!

That’s when I discovered the answer to my question – it hit me like a ton of bricks.

How could I help my readers do better with their finances? With a complete resource of how to win financially!

No matter where my readers are in their financial journey, they really all just need one thing: a resource that tells them what they should do now, and what they should do next!

When people come to my site today, they love reading the most recent post, and then maybe catching one that I’ve highlighted from that post, but then they leave…and they may not ever come back.


Because the site didn’t lead them anywhere! I may have taught them one little tidbit with an amusing article, but I didn’t feed them anything else! At least, nothing of substance that could help them in the long term!

My readers needed better direction. They needed a resource. So that’s what I’m giving you: a thorough plan of 15 steps to winning financially!

15 steps to winning financially

15 Steps to Winning Financially – The Complete Resource!

This is an exciting day, seriously.

The new resource is live, and here’s what it has to offer!

  • Each step is a page all its own with detailed direction.
  • Plus, there are helpful articles linked beneath the instruction.
  • AND, there’s a bit of a forum set up on the side of the page so you can ask questions to me or others about that particular step in the process!

15 steps to winning financiallyDang, this whole setup is going to be awesome!

(And you know what? Just to make my site even more amazing, I decided to add in a “featured posts of the day” scroller on the home page and on top of every post page as well. This way, even if there’s nothing new published on that day, you’ll still be able to check out posts that you likely missed in the past, and these update daily! So, there’s absolutely no reason not to visit my site every day now! ?)

Your Chance to Win Prizes – Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Ready to have some fun checking out this site AND winning some money in the process??

1) Earn a quick $10 by finding the word “glorious”

The first five people to email me at [email protected] [dot] com and tell me where the word “glorious” shows up in my new “Get Started” pages will get a $10 Amazon gift card!

Quick, go right now! Find it find it find it! 🙂

2) Leave a question or comment on any of the new pages, get entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

It’s time to really check out each page of this new “Get Started” resource! Start with the first page and leave comments as you go!

  • Ask questions
  • Leave a note agreeing with the content
  • Or, you can even challenge what I’m saying so we can talk about it!

Each comment is worth 1 entry point in the drawing. You may comment as many times as you want, but please don’t get obnoxious with it. (FYI – If your comments have no substance, I will delete them and you get no points for them.)

On March 20th, I will record all the points and draw the big winner! I’ll send a quick email to all subscribers to state who won (FYI, if you’re not subscribed, you won’t know if you won or not, so please subscribe here!)

Hopefully the lucky winner of the $100 Amazon gift card is you!

Head to the Get Started page, leave your comments, and start racking up those points now!!

I really hope you love the resource and benefit from it in the long term too!!

Grow Rich Money

AUTHOR Derek Sall

Derek has a Bachelor's degree in Finance and a Master's in Business. As a finance manager in the corporate world, he regularly identified and solved problems at the C-suite level. Today, Derek isn't interested in helping big companies. Instead, he's helping individuals win financially--one email, one article, one person at a time.


  1. Hi, long-time reader here 🙂

    I’m not from the US so my guess is I’m not eligible for any of the prizes anyway. Just wanted to let you know I perused your guide and I love how you organized your articles. Makes more sense this way!

    • GREAT! Glad you love it! I think it’s really going to make a HUGE difference for my readers!

  2. Another topic (haven’t read through all the pages yet) may be avoiding MLM schemes. Ran across one recently trying to get people to be financial advisors and help people with similar steps. It sounded great, until it started sounding shady and realized it was a MLM program. Maybe some people make it selling stuff in those situations, but that isn’t for me.

    • Yeah, that is a big one. There are some MLMs out there that are valid and pay well if you do well, but there’s definitely more shady ones out there than good ones.

      Not being stupid with money is a major step toward succeeding financially for sure!

  3. Hey there Derek! Im a loyal reader of yours and have gained so much knowledge from your articles. My favorite remains your letter to your wife if I died. Every married couple should see this!! And do you ever have it all together young Man…do you ever. Im guessing that your readers are perhaps much younger than I am not sure (?) But the second my husband gave our daughter away at the altar we immediately started caring for my elderly Parents which has lead into my Mother living with us..Yikes ! Could really use information about the issues that we face when this time of life arrives…and it will. How we are living longer and how we are not so prepared for it…on so many levels. And do we really need to put our assets into our Millennial children’s names now to protect their interests and inheritance per say. I always blew over that stuff until I started outright searching for it when life happened and it happened to me. Thanks Derek!

    • Great suggestions, Jennifer! All great blog material for sure. And, good things for me to consider as I get older and my parents get older too!

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