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How We Upgraded Our House For For Just $20!!

We bought our house over 2 years ago. It was filled with gold…but not the good kind… Instead, it was the gold-plated kind all over our door knobs, locks, mirrors, lights, towel holders…etc. etc. etc. The house screamed 1998 and it was pretty atrocious. That is, until my wife figured out that she could simply paint them for relatively nothing. BUT (you might ask), does spray painting door knobs last?? It’s time for the whole story… 🙂

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The House – Before

We moved into the house and ignored the gold for a while. It was simply going to be too expensive for us to replace right away. After all, we needed to get all the walls repainted and replace all the ugly shag carpet upstairs. All combined, that was going to be at least $5,000. It simply wasn’t in the budget for us to spend another $1,000 on a bunch of new door knobs, fixtures, and lighting.

Want to see the before photos? I only snagged a couple, but this gives you the general idea of the ugliness…

does spray painting door knobs last - exterior door knobs
The shiny exterior door knobs…
does spray painting last - mirror and light
Annnd the shiny, ugly bathroom mirror and light

Can you believe we lived with that for over two years??! This transformation was long overdue…

The Upgrade (with plenty of photos!)

And check out what we did! We made all that gold and chrome go away! All for just $20! Here’s the after photos. In the next section following the photos, I’ll tell you how we did it.

door knob after the paint job


painted exterior door knob

toilet paper holder painted

Was a chrome and gold towel rack. Not anymore!!
Lol. That’s me re-installing our painted light…with the noisy drill. 😉

spray painted light and mirror

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How We Did It All For Just $20!

Here’s how this all went down. ie. How it all happened.

My wife and I were ready to start looking for a bunch of new dark oil-bronze colored door knobs (at roughly $30 a pop), but then we heard a brilliant idea from our cousin. 

“Why not just paint them?” …she asked us.

does spray painting your door knobs lastDoes Spray Painting Door Knobs Last? 

…But does spray painting door knobs last? We figured they’d get scratched and look terrible almost immediately. 

Turns out, she painted all their door knobs 8 years ago and they’re only just now starting to show signs of wear!


That’s all we needed to hear! Not only would they last more than a couple years, but they could last nearly a decade?! Let’s do it!

How Do You Spray Paint the Door Knobs and Fixtures?

You know how I typically do all these projects myself?

Not this one.

This was totally my wife’s doing. She is a boss.

So, when I describe this process, I’m telling you what she told me. I think I’ve got it right, but there’s my disclaimer!! Lol.

Here’s what I watched her do – her process for painting the door knobs and fixtures:

  1. Remove door knobs from the door – typically just took a couple simple screw drivers (flat head and phillips)
  2. Sand down the door knobs just to rough them up so the paint would adhere better
  3. Soak them in water and vinegar to get all the oils and particles off
  4. Dry them off with a towel
  5. Spray paint them the desired color – two coats
  6. Spray paint the clear coat on them
  7. And they’re ready to be re-assembled and put back into place!

That was it!

Annnd…we did this all for $20? Yup!!

Getting a mirror, paint, clear coat, and sand paper for just $20

Really, the only thing that cost us money was a new mirror (actually, a used mirror that we picked up from a garage sale 2 years ago. It was a bronze color, but we of course spray painted it to match the newly-painted door knobs (and by we, I mean….my wife. Lol! ;))!

Everything else, we bought from Menards with our gift cards from our Capital One credit card rewards points! Boom! The total cost was roughly $60 for the paint, clear coat, and sand paper. But, none of that hit our bank account, so I’m calling that free! 🙂

Regardless though, the all-in cost is still much better than $1,000 to replace everything, don’t you think??

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Will You Give Your House an Upgrade Like This Soon?

If you have been asking yourself questions like…

  • “Does spray painting door knobs last?”
  • “Is spray painting really that much cheaper than buying new?”
  • “Is spray painting as easy as you make it sound?”

…The answers to all of these questions are YES!! Do it! You likely won’t regret it. We certainly haven’t regretted it so far!

How about you? Will you refresh your home by spray painting some door knobs and fixtures? Tell us in the comments below!

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