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10 Genius Ways to Get More Sales Conversions in Your Online Business

If you are looking for business success in 2021 you cannot ignore the option of selling online. Indeed, estimates show that around 2.14 billion people will buy a product online this year alone, something that means if you aren’t selling in this way, you could be missing out on some very valuable business. If you ARE selling online, then the next thing you should be thinking about is how to get more sales conversions…

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10 Genius Ways to Get More Sales Conversions in Your Online Business

Successfully selling online isn’t only about getting your website up and running. Instead, you will need to have as many strategies that will maximize the number of visitors to your site that convert to sales, as possible. Luckily, we’ve got 10 genius tactics that will help you do this below.

1) Use ad extensions 

If you are using pay-per-click advertising then it just makes sense to go for ad extensions as well. First of all, they make your ads larger and provide additional information which means your customer can see more about you or your product instantly, even before clicking through. 

Also, by using ad extensions on PPC you can provide more points to click for your customer, meaning they are much more likely to respond to your ad. 

Finally, ad extensions are free, so there’s no point in not using them. They are pretty easy to complete as well, so what are you waiting for? 


2) Urgency will boost your sales 

How to get more sales conversionsOften if people feel as if they have all the time in the world to make their purchase, they will put it off and leave it for later, or even forget it completely. However, you can stop this from happening and encourage prospects to buy from you right now by leveraging a sense of urgency. 

The good news is that it’s easy to do this online too as you can add pop-ups, banners, or even use limited offers in your ad extensions as mentioned above. Where possible offer benefits such as percentage discounts or free shipping to people that buy right now and see how your conversion rate rises! 

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3) Reduce the product options you have on offer 

In this post-modern world, customers expect a choice. However, did you know that too much choice can be overwhelming, and cause people to put off making a purchase or cause them to navigate elsewhere?

With that in mind, presenting your prospects with the least amount of choice can help boost your sales. One way of doing this is to organize your products into categories, and present site visitors with these rather than individual items. You may even wish to compress your product line and only focus on a few choice items. 

4) Make the purchase process easy

It bears repeating that no matter how good all your other tactics are, if the point where your customer exchanges money for a product is hard work, you will lose them. Indeed.

Trillions of dollars are lost each year when customers abandon items in their shopping carts. 


Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to address this.

The first is that you need to make the payment process as quick and easy as possible. This means ‘quick buy’ options that make use of third-party payments like PayPal, something that means customers don’t have to enter in all their details or go and search out their bank card. 

Additionally investing in data capture software that notes when a customer has abandoned a cart with items in it, and emails them, allowing them to pick up where they left off can make reclaiming prospects much more likely. 

5) Use a chatbot to increase conversion rates 

Another way to get more sales conversions online is to make use of a chatbot.

Indeed, there are numerous advantages to using a Chatbot for Your Website including that they are completely automated and need no human intervention, once they are up and running. 

Also, chatbots can be used to provide a much more personalized experience for every prospect that visits your site, answering their questions and referring them to a real agent at any point, which can help persuade customers to buy. Additionally, you can use a chatbot to offer personalized offers, and even cross-sell products which can help increase your revenue from each sale. 

6) Display great product images 

One of the most obvious things about buying a product online is that customers don’t often get to see or handle the item in real life beforehand. What this means is it can make it harder for them to decide to go through with their purchase. 


Fortunately, there are some strategies you can use to get around this and provide all the information they need to feel reassured enough to buy.

The first of these is to include lots of high-quality photos in your product listing. Be sure to have images of the item from all angles and in good light. 

Also, videos are increasingly being used to provide online customers with the experience of being able to see the product in action. Videos of your product being used and explained can be one of the most effective ways of boosting sales because the benefits of buying become immediately obvious to anyone watching. 

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7) Include thorough and relevant copy 

Steller product descriptions are par for the course when it comes to selling online. Too many online businesses lose prospects because they include too little, or the wrong types of information here. 

The type of information you will need to ensure maximum conversion rates includes all the features and the benefit of your product.

Do not assume that your customer knows these before they buy. And even if they are aware of a few, your copy will serve as additional confirmation that they are making the correct decision in buying. 

However, this copy needs to be concise and clear – bullet points are always good here, as too verbose writing will put customers off. 

8) Improve your sales and marketing collateral

How you present your offer in sales and demo calls is essential in signing new deals. Consider updating your sales decks or your business proposals—interactivity really makes a world of difference by making your offer information easier to digest (easier to digest = higher conversions). You can get an idea of what it looks like through these interactive sales deck examples (you can create interactive collateral with something like Storydoc’s pitch deck creation software that gives you supporting analytics with visibility into how your collateral is being read, who reads it, and if they shared it with others).

marketing your brand9) Make use of your customer’s voice 

There are two ways that you can use the voice of the people that buy your product to help sell more units. 

The first is to include reviews on your listing page, preferably ones that come from an objective third-party website. By doing this you can demonstrate to customers on the fence that others have bought and been very happy with their purchase from you. 

The other way to make use of your customer’s voice is by conducting market research around your product, and then using the exact phrases, and ways things are said in your marketing. 

For example, if you are selling chocolate bars, and customers taste them and report they are rich and creamy. Using the phrase rich and creamy in your marketing will help to target more similar customers and so increase your sales. 

In essence, you are getting feedback from a sample of your ideal audience and using this to better target this demographic. 

10) Interact with customers on social media 

You may think that commenting and replying to customers’ posts on social media is a task best left for when all the formal marketing strategies are completed. However, this action can produce vast value and ultimately get more sales conversions. 

Interacting with prospects online can offer three valuable advantages.

  • The first is that by responding to a post and addressing the individual personally, you help to strengthen that bond between them and your brand.
  • Next, by answering comments online, you can also provide your customers with valuable information that will help reassure them so they can proceed with their purchase.
  • Finally, interacting with customers in this way produces some wonderful additional marketing, as social media is public and many other people will be able to see both the diligent way you care for your customers, as well as the positive things you or they are saying about your company.  

11) Always make the most of warm leads 

In the sales world, there are two main types of leads  (prospects that may buy your product):

  • the first are known as cold,
  • and the second as warm.

Cold leads have had minimal contact with your business so far, know little about your product, and have expressed little desire to buy. Of course, such leads require far more work on the part of the seller than any other, as you have to educate them on the benefits of buying your product, your selling proposition, and convince them that you are a trustworthy place to spend their hard-earned cash. 

Then there are warm leads, which tend to be prospects that have expressed an interest in your business or product, that know something about it, and are seriously considering making a purchase. Of course, the conversion rate of such prospects is much higher than that of cold leads, as they are already halfway there, which makes them a much better place to focus your resources. 

Get More Sales Conversions – Are You on Board?

Indeed, some of the best warm leads any business will have are customers that have already bought from them and been happy with their experience. With that in mind, be sure not only to target new customers but also to use the data you have on those that have previously bought with you to send targeted emails maximizing your conversions online. 

Are you ready to get more sales conversions? Which of the above tips will you implement?



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