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Highest Paying Remote Careers in 2022 (Top 13 Ideas!)

In order to escape the confines of cubicles, more and more people are leaning towards remote work. And, naturally, they’re looking for the highest paying remote careers. So I figured, why not do some research and put together a list of the top paying remote jobs in 2022?! 

I mean c’mon. More time AND more money? 

Yes, please!

Let’s figure out how together.

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highest paying remote careersWhat Exactly is a Remote Career?

When the Covid pandemic first started in the spring of 2020, many workers were forced to work from home…remotely.

They pulled out their laptops, connected to the internet, and worked in solitude…with no coworkers at their sides or bosses looking over their shoulder.

At first, I’d say most actually hated the work from home life. Instead of buddies to chat with at the coffee bar, they had their partners hounding them and their kids screaming in their ear 24/7.

But now (over two years later), the perception on remote work has changed.

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The benefits of remote work

Remote work means no more commute, which means hours of saved time per week. It means more focused work. It also means more career possibilities. Instead of only being able to work in your immediate area, you can now work remotely at any company in the world!

This is great for the employee because they can thrive at what they do best, get paid for it, and live wherever they choose!

And, it’s wonderful for the employer because they get the pick of the top talent from around the world vs. just whoever wants to live where their headquarters are located. 

It truly is a win-win. 

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Highest Paying Remote Careers 2022Remote work…by definition

So we all know that a remote job is done from home, but what exactly is it?

LinkedIn defines remote work as:

“Remote work is work done outside of a traditional office environment, also referred to as working from home or telecommuting. The concept of remote work is that employees can successfully execute projects and daily tasks without needing to commute to an office each day. Different levels of remote employment opportunities exist, but each type provides the benefit of flexibility in an employee’s professional and personal life.”

Remote work can be one of the following types:

  • Fully remote employee
  • Flexible job
  • Freelancer

In this post, we’re focusing on the highest paying work from home jobs that will be around for the long-term, not just for the next few months as the pandemic holds on just a little longer.

Desperately want a top paying remote job (and some of these can even be classified as the highest paying remote jobs without a degree)? Then read on my friend! 🙂

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Highest Paying Remote Careers of 2022

Remote careers are a dream for many as it gives us the opportunity to maintain a well-balanced personal and professional life with a handsome salary. Moreover, it gives us the freedom to travel while we work. A remote career is the best option for the ones who are craving more control over their schedule.

According to Small Biz Genius, around 4.3 million people in the USA work from home at least half the time. And, by 2028, 73% of all departments will have remote workers.

So, you must be wondering “What are the highest paying remote careers in 2022?!”

This blog post will highlight all the duties and responsibilities of the highest-paying remote careers. So, let’s dive in and take a look!

(Note: All salary estimates below were found at

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1) Interior Designer

A career in interior designing can be a rewarding one, both in terms of salary and job satisfaction.

Average annual salary: $56,040

Job Description: Interior design is the art of decorating a closed space. As an interior designer, you are responsible for creating a beautiful space by selecting colors, materials and lighting. You have to take care of fittings, furnishings, color schemes and architectural features. If you are creative enough and have the ability to turn a dull space into an interesting one, then you should go for it.

Qualifications: Must have a Bachelor’s degree in interior design or architecture.

How to get started: How to become an Interior Designer

stop listening to personal finance gurus - blogging2) SEO Specialist

Average annual salary: $52,452

Job Description: Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website in such a way that it ranks on the first page of the google search results. Focusing on organic search strategies is the key role in this job.

The reason?

When we search for something on Google, most of us stick to the first page (of the search results) and read the articles there. People rarely go to the second page. Google chooses only 10 articles on the first page. But, over 7 million blog posts are published every single day! The competition is high and so is the demand for SEO specialists.

Qualifications: You should have experience in executing SEO campaigns and ranking pages on the first page of google. The one with previous blogging experience will have an added advantage over the others.

How to get started: How to become an SEO expert

3) Animator

You can earn great compensation as an animator, which is among the highest paying remote jobs in 2022.

Average annual salary: $56,431

Job Description: The job of an animator is to make a still picture come to life. They create various images, known as frames. The images when sequenced together make an illusion of movement, known as animation. The images can be hand-drawn or digitally made.

Animators are needed in ad agencies, animated movies and video games.

Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in Animation is mandatory to get started. Else, you must be proficient with software like Adobe after effects or Adobe animate.

How to get started: How to become a successful animator

side income ideas - blog editor4) Web Developer

This one of the highest paying remote jobs in 2022!

Average annual salary: $60,307

Job Description: It is one of the most in-demand services out there. It is a technical field where you need to know programming languages and coding. The salaries are lucrative and the jobs are aplenty. You will be programming the latest apps, websites and software.

If you want one of the top high paying remote careers, this is it.

Qualifications: A formal education in Bachelors of Technology

How to get started: How to become a web developer

5) Remote Finance Jobs

Are you a lover of finance? This field just happens to be one of the top options for a remote career.

So what are the remote finance jobs? Based on a quick look at Jooble, here are the most common remote finance careers:

  • Finance content writers: $65-90 per hour
  • Data Entry Clerk: $3,000 per month
  • Financial Analyst: $110,000 per year
  • Director of Finance: $120,000+ per year

If you have some background in accounting and financial planning, you can really land some sweet remote finance jobs.

Check them out! You never know what you might find!

6) Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Average annual salary: $46,531

Job Description: If you have a knack for digital design, then you should definitely try designing graphics for companies. It is a lucrative profession with an attractive salary. Almost every business page on Instagram and Facebook needs graphic designers to create eye-catching graphics for them.

Similar to graphic design, illustration is the art of creating a painting that explains something. It is often used in posters, flyers, magazines or books. Several websites and startups need illustrations for advertising purposes.

If you’re looking for one of the most lucrative remote jobs, this is one of them.

Want to make more than $45k? Do more and work harder. You can easily ramp up your pay to over $100k if you want to.

Qualifications: Aspiring designers must be creative and proficient with software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

How to get started: To land clients, create an exceptional portfolio using Behance. Then send cold emails to companies or individuals. You can also find high-paying clients on Linkedin.

How to Become a Graphic Designer

writing articles for money7) Freelance Writer

Salary: $23.82/hour (Payment is generally on pay per word basis).

Job Description: A freelance writer writes content for several websites, blogs, press releases or newsletters. There are several categories like scriptwriting, ghostwriting, podcast writing etc.

When you apply for any job, be ready with your work samples. To develop a portfolio, you can write on Medium, established blogs or have your own website showcasing your work.

Requirements: A portfolio of your writing samples!

How to get started: There are several blogs that pay you to write articles for them. Listverse is one of them. They pay $100 for a single article!

Another great article on how to get started — How to become a freelance writer and get paid

8) Tutor

Salary: $17.74 per hour

Job Description: If you have a good educational background, have a passion for teaching and love spending time with kids, you can work as a freelance teacher.

Qualifications: To get your foot in the door, you must have a proper degree in the subject you are willing to teach.

How to get started: You can get started by teaching students in your locality. You can also find jobs on Tutor, VIPKid or Chegg to get started. VIPKid pays $14-$18 per hour.

9) Sales Representative

Average annual salary: $48,392

Job Description: It is a career where you are responsible for selling products and generating leads.

Giving product demonstrations, negotiating contracts with clients and delivering sales presentations are the key roles in this job. Here, the salary is performance-based. The more you generate leads, the more you will earn. One should have strong communication skills and the ability to keep the customer interested.

Want  one of the highest paying remote jobs without a degree? This is one of them…especially if you’re intelligent and a good talker. 

How to get started: Land a sales job without experience.

financially make someone's day10) Social Media Manager

Average annual salary: $52,239

Job Description: Social media managers are responsible for handling the social media profiles of other people or business accounts. You have to scan through their Instagram/Pinterest account and implement content strategies to increase their followers and engagement rates. You might also be needed for managing products, campaigns and facilitating customer service.

Qualifications: You don’t need to have any formal education to become a social media manager. However, if you are starting from scratch, you must educate yourself in some way or the other in order to produce quality work.

How to get started: How to Make Additional Income As a Social Media Manager

11) Proofreader

Hourly pay: $18.46

Job Description: A proofreader ensures that a project is completely free of errors. Proofreading is the last step of the editorial process. After writing an article, it is sent to a proofreader for grammatical or language corrections. One should have an eye for detail to become successful in this field. With the rise in blogs and millions of blog posts published each day, the demand for proofreaders is ever increasing.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in English or Journalism is most preferred in proofreading jobs.

How to get started: How to become a proofreader

12) Transcriber

Hourly pay: $15.22

Job description: As a transcriber, you have to convert audio files into text files. Transcription services are often needed in legal, business and medical fields.

Requirements: One with excellent typing skills and decent typing speed (60+ words per minute) is preferred for this job.

How to get started: How to Become a Transcriptionist

resumes with no work experience13) Resume Writer

Hourly Pay: $23.96

A resume is the first thing an HR rep sees while hiring for a position. Several job-oriented people look for resume writers to make their first impression much better. It depends on the resume whether they will get called for the interview or not. In fact, creating an impressive resume is the first step to land their dream job. Hence, many people hire professional resume writers to get their job done.

How to get started: How to Become a Resume Writer

Where Can You Find Remote Jobs?

If you are new to this, you must be wondering where to find high paying remote work.

There are some sites that are entirely dedicated to finding remote career opportunities.

Get exposed to a new world of remote careers with these websites:

  1. FlexJobs
  2. We Work Remotely
  4. Jobspresso
  5. Fiverr
  6. Upwork

The Best Paying Remote Jobs of 2022 – In Summary

Remote jobs were a foreign concept to many of us just a few years ago. But, due to the advent of the pandemic, remote careers became a trendsetter for all the professionals out there. In fact, remote careers are suddenly the new normal!

So let’s recap.

What are the highest paying jobs you can do remotely?

  1. Interior designer
  2. SEO specialist
  3. Animator
  4. Web developer
  5. Graphic designer and illustrator
  6. Freelance writer
  7. Tutor
  8. Sales representative
  9. Social media manager
  10. Proofreader
  11. Transcriber
  12. Resume writer

Many of these work from home remote jobs pay $50,000-$60,000 a year. And, since a lot of them are paid based on your performance and the quantity of work you can accomplish, you can ramp your income up to $80,000+! Maybe even $100k if you’re proficient! 

So, now that you know what the highest paying remote careers are, the next step is to identify and hone your skills around the one that suits you best!

Are you ready to look into any of the lucrative remote jobs above? Which is your favorite and why?

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