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7 Jobs That Pay 200k A Year Without A Degree (Upwards of $350k+!!!)

While certain jobs and careers require a college degree, many don’t. And there are also quite a few jobs that pay 200k a year without a degree if you don’t mind learning a trade or skill. Here’s what you need to know and which jobs pay the most.

Is 200k a year rich?

If you can find jobs that make 200k without college, you might be feeling like you struck the jackpot! But is 200k a year a lot of money?

A salary of 200k is comfortably upper middle class, or middle class if living in a high cost of living area. But of course, it’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you spend and save. So for many people, 200k a year is rich, but for others, it may not be.

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How can I get 6 figures without college?

In order to earn 6-figures or multiple 6-figures a year without college, you’ll most likely need one of two things:

  1. a trade or skill that makes that amount, or
  2. your own business where you can charge what you want.

The options we will discuss on this list do NOT require a 4-year degree, but some require learning a trade or going to school for at least a little while. However, many of the options are significantly easier and cheaper to learn than going to college for 4+ years.

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7 Jobs That Pay 200k Without a DegreeWhat trade gets paid the most?

Currently, trades that are paid the most include:

  • Piloting
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • Aircraft Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Construction Inspecting
  • Commercial Truck Driving

And of course, if you prefer more technology-based jobs, you can learn coding and development on your own and also make 6-figures or more each year working in the tech industry.

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What’s the fastest trade to learn?

You can learn commercial truck driving and start out with a job earning at least 70k a year in as little as 160 training hours or less than 90 days. This will also depend on your driving record and the state that you’re in, but it’s an easy license to get and can earn you quite a bit of money. AND, the demand for drivers will likely remain high for quite a few years.

What is the highest paying no degree job?

The highest-paying job that doesn’t require a degree is being a commercial pilot. While the median annual wage is around $160,000, many pilots are taking advantage of the pilot shortage and getting jobs earning around $190k-$210k a year.

What job is the most in-demand right now?

For jobs that don’t require a degree, the job that’s the most in-demand is commercial truck drivers. Second and third are sales representatives and software engineers.

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What is a low-stress, high-paying job?

There are many reported low-stress and high-paying jobs that you can do without a degree.

Some of the top-rated low stress jobs include:

  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Radiation Therapist
  • Web Developer
  • Software Developer

None of these jobs require a 4-year degree, and there are even a few where you can learn skills on the job or on your own!

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7 Jobs That Pay 200k A Year Without A Degree

Now that you know what jobs are high-paying and what you need to learn to get those jobs, let’s talk about the 7 jobs that pay 200k a year without a degree!

So what’s the official list? What jobs get 200k a year that the average person can actually achieve?

Here’s the list! Check it out!

Make 200k as an Airline Pilot1) Pilot

Average Salary Range:  $163,101 – $210,000

With the growing need for pilots, this job has shot up in salary. While many pilots before 2020 were making an average of $160k a year, they are now signing on for at least $190k, and usually more!

However, there are a few steps and requirements to becoming a pilot…

First, you’ll need to be under the age of 45 before starting and have impeccable health. You cannot have epilepsy, drug or substance abuse problems, diabetes, or eye problems that require glasses/contacts.

Next up, you’ll need to pass a few exams and have at least 2,500 student pilot training hours for most commercial airlines. And you’ll need a few other certifications, too, including a medical and student pilot certificate. 

However, if you can put in the work, you can become a commercial pilot in a little under 18 months!

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2) Web Developer

Average Salary Range:  $81,000 – $123,000 (full-time job), Varies if self-employed

If you’ve got a thing for computers, and you’re wondering what jobs can you make 200k a year, this is the one…seriously. 

You can learn how to make websites from scratch and become a web developer. While you can have this as a W2 job, you can also branch out as a freelancer and make even more than $200k a year.

Besides building up your portfolio and gaining experience, you only need to have coding skills in order to be a web developer. And the more coding skills you learn, the more you can charge.

To get started as a web developer, you can learn how to code with websites like Codeacademy and freeCodeCamp.

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high paying jobs without a degree3) Software Developer

Average Salary Range:  $93,000 – $240,000 (full-time job), Varies if self-employed

If you like solving difficult problems and can build apps or games (or want to learn), you can earn quite a bit as a software developer.

Software developers create computer programs for larger computer software and can work on multiple applications — including apps, games, and systems (like CRMs).

Just like website development, you’ll earn significantly less working for a corporation, especially when you’re starting. However, by continuously upgrading your skills and building your portfolio, you can earn more as upper management or branch out independently.

And the best part about this job? All you need is a laptop or computer and internet access.

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4) Sales

Average Salary Range:  $55,000 – $220,000, but varies based on experience and industry

Yes, you must have a certain skill set to be a salesman. And many people don’t want to work in this industry because of their idea of what a salesman is. What do you think of when you picture working in sales? Most likely, “being sleazy” may be high on your list.

But, sales is what makes money. Everything is being sold at all times in a capitalist society.

How can I make 300k a year without a degree? 

Here you go!

Think about it! And if you are extroverted, don’t mind being told no, and are fairly charming, you can learn how to be a top salesman and work across multiple industries, many of which pay $300,000k or more each year!

Sales is so easy to do if you have the skills. You really just need a phone, laptop, product, and a list of numbers and emails to reach out to. And bonus, many jobs also pay extra when reaching sales goals, which just increases your salary!

Make 200k a Year as a Truck Driver5) Commercial Truck Driver

Average Salary Range: $56,000 – $100,000 (full-time job), Varies if self-employed

Want easy jobs that pay 200k a year? Honestly, truck driving could be it!

Becoming a commercial truck driver is one of the easiest and quickest trades you can learn. And, many new truck drivers start making at least $56k-$70k in their first year! Plus, many love that they can travel for free and live life on the road. It’s a win-win for introverts and those who love seeing the country.

However, you can make significantly more by having your own truck fleet since there is usually a cap on how much you can earn from a full-time job.

Yes, this will require buying the trucks and opening your own business, but the income earning potential is endless when you have your own business.

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6) Oil Rig Worker

Average Salary Range: $67,000 – $230,000

First things first, being an oil rig worker is extremely dangerous and not for the faint of heart. However, if you’re a thrill seeker and want to work in an industry that pays extremely well, this is the job for you.

To become an oil rig worker, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old and in top physical shape (since this is a manual labor job). You’ll also need to be able to travel and work 12-hour shifts.

It’s also important to note that this industry lacks security since oil rigs are tied to the economy. But when things are good, they’re really good, as you can see by the salary range!

Make 200k a Year as a Real Estate Agent7) Real Estate Agent

Average Salary Range: $62,000 – $350,000

This is one of my favorite jobs that pay 200k without a degree. Quite a few of my friends have made a great living as a real estate agent. It might just be the career you’re looking for!

In order to make around $200k a year (or more) as a real estate agent, you’ll need to be in the right location. You’ll make significantly less living in a small town in Alabama than you would in a bustling city like Miami. So keep in mind that while you can earn quite a bit, your cost of living may be high too.

There aren’t many requirements for real estate agents, but most likely, you’ll need certification before getting your license, depending on the state you’re in. Some states also require you to study under someone or take certain tests, but it varies.

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Jobs That Pay 200k A Year Without A Degree – Which Will You Choose?

There are so many high-paying jobs that don’t require degrees, and these jobs that pay 200k a year without a degree are just the start! Anyone can make money with just about any skill, but it takes hard work and innovation, no matter what you decide to do.

Now that you have a list of jobs that pay 200k a year without a degree, which one will you choose? Tell us in the comments below!

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