How Going Plant-Based Will Improve your Overall Health and Wealth

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It was 2010. I was a year out of undergrad, working three jobs and sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I wasn’t sleeping right and always felt sluggish and bloated. And, I had an endless share of headaches, acne breakouts, and digestion problems. My joints ached and I felt way older than I should have for being in my early twenties.

Something had to give. And that thing…was my diet. Ultimately, spoiler alert, going plant-based was it. It changed my life forever and I never looked back!

How Going Plant-Based Will Improve Your Overall Health and Wealth

This post was written by our staff writer, Kerah Kemmerer.

What I Was Doing Wrong

In addition to not exercising nearly enough during this point in my life, I was consuming a lot empty calories. It wasn’t all junk food, but it wasn’t particularly nourishing either. I ate a lot of . . . → Read More: How Going Plant-Based Will Improve your Overall Health and Wealth

How I’m Saving $2,400 a Year on Healthcare Costs

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As a self-employed individual, one of the questions I get asked the most is what I do about healthcare costs.

At first, I got lucky. The Affordable Care Act went into effect before I turned 26, so I was covered under my father’s plan for almost a year. Then, things got more complicated.

This post was written by Amanda Abella, a talented speaker and writer of personal finance.

How I’m Saving $2,400 a Year on Healthcare Costs

Over the course of the next three years, I would try different ACA plans to manage my healthcare costs. Then, at the end of 2016 I ended up at the urgent care and decided the ACA plans weren’t worth the headaches.

Here’s a rundown of all the headaches in 2016: My premiums for 2017 would have been in the $350 a month range for a Silver plan with a $6000+ deductible. At this . . . → Read More: How I’m Saving $2,400 a Year on Healthcare Costs

5 Ways To Slice Your Meat Budget In Half

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Growing up in the Midwest, I was raised in a family who loves meat. We read about Pa Ingalls feeding his family in The Little House on the Prairie. Then, our own father would come home from hunting with fresh venison. Not to mention the summer barbecues…or Thanksgiving…or potlucks. Case in point: We like our meat budget. But it can get costly.

To this day, my most expensive purchases at the grocery store are in the meat department. Since my husband is a huge fan of sandwiches and you already know my family history, becoming vegetarians wasn’t much of an option for us.

5 Ways to Chop Your Meat Budget in Half

Instead, I tried out a myriad of ways to chip away at our costly meat budget, finally landing on a few that work great in our home. The more you alternate these techniques – and the ones you’ll . . . → Read More: 5 Ways To Slice Your Meat Budget In Half

Healthy Foods for a Tight Budget

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“But buying healthy foods is expensive!” – I hear people say that nearly every day. But it’s not true.

I understand where the notion originates. It is cheaper to buy Ramen Noodles than Quinoa ravioli. Thus, without putting in much effort, buying healthy is definitely more expensive than buying nasty processed food. But with a little planning, eating healthy foods can be cheap. What I’ll share in this post is how to eat healthy while staying on a budget. The fact is, I eat healthy on $75/month. It can be done.

Healthy Foods on a Tight Budget

What you want to do is aim to buy foods that are naturally cheap. This way, you don’t have to rely on coupons or sales. Here are healthy foods that are cheap to grow, therefore cheap to buy:

Carrots Red delicious apples Bananas Pumpkin Strawberries Oranges Grapes Peanuts/peanut butter Cottage cheese Canned vegetables . . . → Read More: Healthy Foods for a Tight Budget

How to Set Realistic Health Goals

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A new year is around the corner– what do you want to accomplish in 2015?

Food, Fitness, Finance

The most popular new year resolutions fall under the categories of food, fitness, and finance… conveniently the topics I write about at Budget for Health. I started making goals for myself 3 years ago and am thankful for this habit. I used to think goals were cheesy and a dumb idea until I made a few goals and realized how rewarding it was to check them off! Now you could say I’m hooked on making goals; I make annual goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals. I even make daily goals sometimes with my to-do list for each day. Most importantly, I made realistic health goals.

If you decide to make health-related goals for 2015 I encourage you to tell someone about them. I appreciate the built-in accountability that comes with my blog . . . → Read More: How to Set Realistic Health Goals