July and August 2018 Blog Income Reports

july and august blog income reports

Believe it or not, I started this blog back in 2010, which means I’ve kept this thing going for over 8 years now! Sheesh! That’s crazy! You might think that by now I’ve covered everything that can possibly be written about in the area of personal finance, but as I continue to learn and grow – both in my exploration of finance and my journey through life (marriage, divorce, marriage, and now kids!) – I realize that I have really just scratched the surface of what personal finance is all about.

I blog for three reasons: I love to help others – You know what’s really fun? When someone sends you an email saying, “You totally changed my life! Thank you so much for your blog and your free tools. I wouldn’t be where I am today if you didn’t do what you do.” This really never gets old. Helping . . . → Read More: July and August 2018 Blog Income Reports

June 2018 Blog Income Report – Coming Back Down to Reality…For Now

June 2018 blog income report

Back in March, I earned $3,600 with my blog. It was incredibly surreal and I didn’t know if it was sustainable. As it turns out…it wasn’t. I’m now coming back down to reality, but you know what? Now I have a clearer vision of what it will take for this blog to earn some serious bucks in the future.

June 2018 Blog Income Report – Coming Back Down to Reality…For Now

In June, I was mainly focused on finishing off the project house…and not so much on this blog. As it turns out, the focus worked since we sold it for a $27,400 profit. Buuuttt, the income on this blog took a bit of a dive – for two reasons:

I didn’t post a ton of fantastic content (I posted good content…but not fantastic content), so my visitor numbers went down slightly I stopped writing for outside blogs (which were . . . → Read More: June 2018 Blog Income Report – Coming Back Down to Reality…For Now

May 2018 Blog Income Report – How I Earned Over $2,000!!

may 2018 blog income report

Here’s what I’ll be doing at 50 years old:

I’ll wake up when I choose Read 10-20 pages in my book Work out and probably blog a little Hang out with my beautiful wife and go on our adventure of the day And then probably go golfing or a hike, and go to bed whenever

In other words…I’ll be retired and doing whatever I want – mainly because of the additional income I earn from this blog.

Want to be like me? It’s really not that hard. I’m nothing special. I just have a passion for a topic that people are interested in and I speak from the heart. If you love people and want to help them, then I believe that blogging is for you, too! AND, you could actually make some money doing it!


Get started with iPage for just $1.99 a month. Follow this link to . . . → Read More: May 2018 Blog Income Report – How I Earned Over $2,000!!

April 2018 Blog Income Report – How I Made $3,314.96!!

april 2018 blog income report

Tweet…tweet tweet tweet… The birds outside are announcing yet another beautiful day. You slowly peel open your eyes and begin to smirk because your amazing life from yesterday will continue yet again today. You have no credit card debt, no student loan debt, no car debt, and you know what? No house debt either. You’re totally debt free.

Beyond this, you now own a rental property free and clear, you earn a solid income at your day job, AND you earn over $3,000 a month with your side hustle!! In a year or less, you’ll be buying a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house on 15 acres in one of the most desired areas around (oh, and you’ll pay cash for it too!!).

This amazing situation described above…it’s actually my life, and it’s a good one.

Why You Might Want to Start a Blog (and How to Do It!)

Want to . . . → Read More: April 2018 Blog Income Report – How I Made $3,314.96!!

March 2018 Blog Income Report – Up 200% From February??!!

blog income report march 2018

You know how you work and work and work, and your career seems to be going nowhere? But then, seemingly out of nowhere, good things start to happen. Little by little you gain traction again, then you actually start to get a little speed going, and then you hit the downhill! Life is good, work is fun and easy, and you’re making bank.

I think (at least I hope) I just reached the downhill run with my web income. It’s been almost 8 years in the making, but it might finally be here.

Web Hosting from iPage

March 2018 Blog Income Report – Up 200% From February??!!

You know how I’m always encouraging you to start your own blog? This post is the epitome as to why. There’s tons of money to be made out there, and if you have something even remotely valid to say and have some . . . → Read More: March 2018 Blog Income Report – Up 200% From February??!!

February 2018 Blog Income Report

February 2018 Blog Income

This report is for all the dreamers out there – all the people that have thought about starting a blog of their own to either:

make a side income, impact the lives of thousands, or to just keep yourself on track with a few readers checking in on you once in a while.

Let me tell you, all these things are possible, and then some…

I started this blog 7 years ago because I freekin’ loved personal finance and couldn’t stop talking about it with people. As it turns out, my passion was infectious – both in person and on the web. Since then, I have earned well over $100,000 with this silly blog, I’ve impacted the lives of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people, and I myself have become much more knowledgeable in personal finance (which, of course, helps my own net worth!).

Starting this blog . . . → Read More: February 2018 Blog Income Report

January 2018 Blog Income Report -WAAYYY Better Than Last Year!

January 2018 Blog Income Report

Yes, blogs can earn money – LOTS of money. This report is only the beginning of what I plan to make in the future. Think $1,000 a month is a lot? What about $2,000? $5,000? $10,000?

It’s all possible, and I want to show you how – which is why I publish these silly blog income reports in the first place.

If you want to start earning money and want to learn and grow with me along the way, sign up through iPage now. It only costs $1.99 a month!

January 2018 Blog Income Report

Almost exactly one year ago, I had a eureka moment. I finally got it through my thick skull that I could make some seriously good money by blogging. It wasn’t going to be quick, it wasn’t going to be easy, but it was possible – not just for me, but for anyone.

In fact, there . . . → Read More: January 2018 Blog Income Report -WAAYYY Better Than Last Year!

December 2017 Blog Income Report – Still Making Moolah!!

december 2017 blog income

I’m writing this post at 4:57am. I couldn’t sleep, so I figured, why not just get up and do what I love rather than lay here thinking about it?! 😉 Man, I love blogging…

With blogging, I get to:

Help thousands of people with their finances each month Teach myself new things about personal finance to keep this blog fresh and interesting Make thousands of dollars every single year just by putting some words on a page

What’s there not to love??!!

Does blogging interest you? Then why not get started? The cost is $24 for your entire first year and there’s help all over this site (which, by the way, is why I write these posts!!) for all you that are nervous about it.

Just get started with iPage here.

That’s it. That’s all I’m saying about it.

December 2017 Blog Income

In November I was really focused on . . . → Read More: December 2017 Blog Income Report – Still Making Moolah!!

November 2017 Blog Income Report

blog income report november 2017

This blog… it’s just so fun. I can’t imagine a day where I’m not writing for it.

I mean, I get to:

Impact peoples’ lives, Hear about all their success stories, and I get to make money in the process!!

Haha, how lucky am I??!

And it all starts with just $24. That’s the entire cost of iPage for the first year.

Want to start a site of your own? Sign up with iPage here.

Nervous about the process? Here’s a tutorial that should make your sign up a breeze. If you’re still not sure, heck, I’ll help you! Just email me at derek [at] lifeandmyfinances {dot} com. Like I said, I love to see people win, so if you need help on the way to YOUR success, I’ll be thrilled to jump in and do what I can to get you there!

My November 2017 Blog Income . . . → Read More: November 2017 Blog Income Report

October 2017 Blog Income Report AND the Giveaway Winners!!

october 2017 blog income report

I started this blog just over 7 years ago and have earned over $75,000 with it. CRAZY HUH? And this year I’m on track to gross another $12,000!

I don’t put these numbers out there to gloat or to put myself up on a pedestal. My hope is that you’ll see the dollars that can be made online, realize that absolutely anyone can earn a nice income by doing exactly what I do, and then start making money yourself! If you’re passionate about a topic that people can’t get enough of, I firmly believe that you can earn thousands of dollars per month too!

Seriously…I’m really not that special. If I can do this, you can do this.

With the articles below, you’ll be able to get your page started for just $24, have it looking awesome, AND get it set up to start earning some money! There’s really no . . . → Read More: October 2017 Blog Income Report AND the Giveaway Winners!!