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Keep your money in your pocket. We don’t want it. We just want you to get out of debt and grow wealthy! Here are all the free tools we could find to get you that much closer to financial success. Enjoy!

Do you realize how much a simple blog could change your life? What if you were able to earn an extra $500 a month with it?
The rich often live like they’re broke, and broke often live their lives as if they’re rich.
debt free living - budget
If you just want a regular spreadsheet to track your income and expenses, click on the “Budget Spreadsheet” title above to download the free excel tool.
Ever wonder how much money you should be putting toward your kid’s college fund every year? It’s no easy task.
You’ve probably heard of the debt snowball, but I bet you’ve never laid out all your debts and tried to figure out exactly when you’ll pay them all off.
Are you ever close to buying something and wonder to yourself, “I wonder what this is doing to my financial future? Now you don’t have to wonder.
I’ve always wanted to know exactly how long it would take me to build up a net worth of $1,000,000…
This tool can either put your mind at ease or prompt you to work a little bit harder at your retirement fund.
How much of your income do you save and invest for the future? This number says it all
Small purchases add up, and this calculator proves it! Check out how much money you’re losing…
Are you ready to tackle your mortgage debt head on? I bet you don’t even realize how fast you could do it! Check out this tool.
focus on future value
Net worth is a decent measure of wealth, but it doesn't tell you anything about your future value. Use this tool instead!
pay off the mortgage fast - free tool
Enter your expenses and your income per month. Then see how quickly you could pay off your mortgage with the extra!
how much should you have saved by 30
Want to see what your investments could be worth in a few years? Or maybe a few decades? Here's your tool!