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50+ Jobs That Pay 60K a Year: Good Paying Jobs Without a Degree

Did you know you could earn upwards of $200k as an air traffic controller? No college needed.

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Here’s the thing: You DON’T need to have a degree to make more than 60k a year. Did you know your garbage man makes $80k a year? That’s one job, and we’ve got a list of 50+!

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These jobs focus on your skill set and not your educational background. And if numbers are anything to go by, this is the need of the hour. A study by McKinsey and nonprofit [email protected] highlighted that as many as 30 million American workers without college degrees have the skills necessary to earn 70% more. If you’re one of these 30 million Americans, it’s time to leverage your skills to make some good money. Sit tight and gear up for our list of 50+ jobs that pay $60k a year without a degree.


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List of 50+ Jobs That Pay 60K a Year Without A Degree

You don’t need to have a degree to get into careers that pay well. Here’s a whopping list of the 50+ good jobs that pay well ($60k or more) WITHOUT a degree.

Job Title National Average Salary
Air Traffic Controller $89K–$200K
Dental Hygienist $63K–$100K
Radiation Therapist $62K–$100K
MRI Technician $59K–$100K
Commercial Pilot $53K–$100K
Railroad Conductor $51K–$100K
Petroleum Pump Operator $51K–$79K
Hearing Aid Specialist $48K–$100K
Boilermaker $48K–$80K
Criminal Investigator $47K–$200K
Subway Operator $42K–$200K
Instrument Technician $42K–$100K
Police Officer $42K–$95K
Casino Manager $41K–$100K
Patternmaker $41K–$100K
Electrician $41K–$99K
Model Maker $41K–$94K
Interior Designer $41K–$86K
Claims Adjuster $41K–$77K
Real Estate Broker $40K–$200K
Plumber $40K–$100K
Aircraft Mechanic $40K–$89K
Welding Supervisor $40K–$88K
Wind Turbine Technician $40K–$75K
Truck Driver $39K–$96K
Computer Support Specialist $39K–$85K
Massage Therapist $38K–$200K
Website Developer $38K–$100K
Ranch Manager $38K–$100K
Career Coach $38K–$72K
Ironworker $36K–$89K
Fire Inspector $36K–$86K
Farm Labor Contractor $36K–$71K
Elevator Technician $35K–$100K
Avionics Technician $35K–$85K
Funeral Service Manager $35K–$75K
Medical Sales Representative $34K–$98K
Gas Plant Operator $34K–$98K
Insurance Sales Agent $33K–$100K
Food Service Manager $33K–$73K
Firefighter $32K–$91K
Court Reporter $32K–$91K
Yoga Instructor $32K–$82K
Rigger $32K–$65K
Social Services Assistant $32K–$60K
Makeup Artist $29K–$65K
Power Distributor $28K–$100K
Waste Collector $28K–$100K
Manufacturing Sales Representative $27K–$100K
Chef $27K–$81K
Flight Attendant $18K–$100K

Source: Glassdoor.com

50+ Jobs That Make a Lot of Money Without College

Let’s get into the details of the 50+ jobs we’ve listed above to help you understand what it takes to get these careers.

1. Air traffic controller

National Average Salary: $89K–$200K

Duties: These folks work from a control tower and manage air traffic. They check flight schedules, give pilots clearance for takeoff or landing, and direct the movement of traffic on the runway.

Certification: Pass the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) air traffic pre-employment test and have three years of progressively responsible work experience. Entry-level applicants must complete training courses at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City.

Get StartedHow to Become an Air Traffic Controller

2. Dental hygienist

National Average Salary: $63K–$100K

Duties: A dental hygienist examines patients to check for oral diseases and provide preventive care. Their daily tasks include cleaning teeth, applying sealants and fluorides, taking dental X-rays, and more. Apart from providing oral care, they also educate patients about oral health.

Certification: Complete an accredited program and get state licensure.

Get StartedHow to Become a Dental Hygienist

3. Radiation therapist

National Average Salary: $62K–$100K

Duties: Radiation therapists work with oncology teams for cancer patients. They operate machines to deliver concentrated radiation therapy to a particular region of a patient's tumor. This treatment may shrink or eliminate cancers.

Certification: Get a high school diploma or GED before enrolling for a diploma in radiation therapy. You may need to obtain a license and become a Registered Technologist (R.T.).

Get StartedHow to Become a Radiation Therapist

4. MRI technician

National Average Salary: $59K–$100K

Duties: MRI technicians specialize in magnetic resonance imaging scanners. They help take pictures inside the human body by injecting it with contrast media for diagnostic purposes. The media is usually a dye that allows images to show up on the scanner.

Certification: Enroll in a program for MRI training to get a certificate. Other requirements include clinical work.

Get StartedHow to Become an MRI Technician

5. Commercial pilot

National Average Salary: $53K–$100K

Duties: Commercial pilots navigate airplanes, crop dusters, helicopters, and other aircraft. Even though they can be airline pilots, they don’t necessarily have to be. They can also assist firefighters and become tour guides.

Certification: You will need a private pilot license, pass the FAA exam, and 250 hours of flight training.

Get Started:How to Become a Commercial Pilot

6. Railroad conductor

National Average Salary: $51K–$100K

Duties: Railroad conductors travel on trains and help coordinate the activities of the train crew. When on passenger trains, they ensure customer comfort and safety. Additionally, they check passengers' tickets and make important announcements to keep those traveling informed.

Certification: You’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent, and several months of on-the-job training.

Get StartedHow to Become a Train Conductor

7. Petroleum pump operator

National Average Salary: $51–$79K

Duties: A petroleum pump system operator works at an oil refinery. They signal other workers, to check temperatures and pressures, operate pumps, open and close valves, and more. These operators also need to record operational data, such as pumped products and quantities, timings, gauging results, etc.

Certification: You’ll need a high school diploma and some on-the-job training. To advance in this career, you can also take up an apprenticeship.

Get StartedHow to Become a Refinery Operator

8. Hearing aid specialist

National Average Salary: $48K–$100K

Duties: A hearing aid specialist administers hearing tests for customers and interprets the findings. They then take impressions of the customer’s ears to determine whether hearing aids are suitable. They may also design, prepare, and fit hearing aids to the customer's ears.

Certification: Get a high school diploma or GED.

Get StartedHow to Become a Hearing Aid Specialist

9. Boilermaker

National Average Salary: $48K–$80K

Duties: Boilermakers assemble, install, and maintain boilers. They also maintain closed vats, and other large containers or vessels that hold liquids and gases.

Certification: You’ll have to earn a high school diploma or GED. Also, consider taking up a welding certification.

Get StartedHow to Become a Boilermaker

10. Criminal investigator

National Average Salary: $47K–$200K

Duties: Criminal investigators usually collect, analyze, and preserve evidence from crime scenes. They investigate complex criminal activities, and local, federal, or state law violations.

Certification: You’ll need a high school diploma or GED certificate to meet the education requirement. Most investigators will need additional training, but employers don’t usually require a postsecondary education.

Get StartedHow to Become a Criminal Investigator

Read more:

11. Subway operator

National Average Salary: $42K–$200K

Duties: Subway operators run the subway, elevated suburban trains, or electric-powered streetcars, to transport passengers from one location to another.

Certification: Get a high-school diploma or equivalent.

Get StartedHow to Become a Subway Operator

12. Instrument technician

National Average Salary: $42K–$100K

Duties: Instrumentation technicians work with a wide variety of devices. They monitor various mechanical systems to maintain, test, and inspect equipment to ensure good working conditions.

Certification: High school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED).

Get StartedHow to Become an Instrument Technician

13. Police officer

National Average Salary: $42K–$95K

Duties: Police officers are responsible for enforcing the law. To that end, they respond to emergency and non-emergency calls, patrol areas, observe people and activities, conduct traffic stops, and more.

Certification: You must have a high school diploma or GED.

Get StartedHow to Become a Police Officer

14. Casino manager

National Average Salary: $41K–$100K

Duties: Casino management is a supervisory position. The managers administer policies, monitor the gaming area, and assure regulatory compliance. These folks also supervise casino staff, handle customer complaints, and more.

Certification: Industry experience and on-the-job training.

Get StartedHow to Become a Casino Manager

15. Patternmaker

National Average Salary: $41K–$100K

Duties: Patternmakers are skilled workers who create templates to mass-produce products such as clothing, shoes, furniture, and more. They translate blueprints and design models into factory patterns with the help of drafting software or freehand measurement techniques.

Certification: Get an apprenticeship or an internship under your belt.

Get StartedHow to Become a Patternmaker

16. Electrician

National Average Salary: $41K–$99K

Duties: Electricians work on power outages and rewiring projects for fixtures and equipment. They also handle the safety of lighting and wiring installation. They take care of the inspection of electrical components as well.

Certification: Apprenticeship and state licensing.

Get Started:How to Become an Electrician

17. Model maker

National Average Salary: $41K–$94K

Duties: Model makers are specialists responsible for making three-dimensional (3D) scale models for many uses. These uses include project blueprints, product prototypes, film sets, construction, engineering, and more.

Certification: Find an internship or apprenticeship, as practical experience is key.

Get StartedHow to Become a Model Maker

18. Interior Designer

National Average Salary: $41–$86K

Duties: Interior designers beautify indoor spaces using decor, colors, lighting, and materials. They also work on making spaces functional and safe.

Certification: There are no strict degree requirements for this career choice. It’s best to intern with an interior designing firm to get started.

Get StartedHow to Become An Interior Designer

19. Claims adjuster

National Average Salary: $41K–$77K

Duties: Adjusters inspect property damage or personal injury claims. They are there to determine how much the insurance company should pay for the loss. Since they are responsible for dealing with claims in insurance, they inspect homes, vehicles, and businesses.

Certification: High school diploma and claims adjuster license.

Get Started:How to Become a Claims Adjuster

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20. Real estate broker

National Average Salary: $40K–$200K

Duties: The broker represents the sellers or buyers of real estate or real property. They work independently but can also work with a company, but the pay is solely commission-based.

Certification: High school diploma and real estate license.

Get Started:How to Become a Real Estate Agent

21. Plumber

National Average Salary: $40K–$100K

Duties: Plumbers are responsible for installing and repairing pipes and fittings. They also install plumbing fixtures like sinks and tubs.

Certification: Apprenticeship and plumbing license.

Get Started:How to Become a Plumber

22. Aircraft mechanic

National Average Salary: $40K–$89K

Duties: Aircraft mechanics are responsible for repairing wings, brakes, electrical systems, and other aircraft components. They diagnose mechanical and electrical problems as well as replace defective parts.

Certification: Obtain a certificate from an FAA-approved school for maintenance or; gain at least 18 months of on-the-job experience.

Get Started:Basic Requirements to Become an Aircraft Mechanic

23. Welding supervisor

National Average Salary: $40K–$88K

Duties: Welding supervisors are responsible for safely delivering welding projects according to schedule and budget. They combine management skills with an extensive knowledge of welding processes and welding economics.

Certification: You’ll need a high school diploma or GED, along with a welding certification in your chosen area of expertise.

Get Started: How to Become a Welding Supervisor

24. Wind turbine technician

National Average Salary: $40K–$75K

Duties: Wind turbine technicians install, maintain, and repair turbines. Their work involves inspecting towers’ exterior and physical integrity, climbing towers to check them and troubleshoot their performance.

Certification: You’ll need to earn a high school diploma or GED certificate. Consider an apprenticeship to learn more.

Get StartedHow to Become a Wind Turbine Technician

25. Truck driver

National Average Salary: $39K–$96K

Duties: Truck drivers haul will light/heavy/oversize loads over the road (OTR) or locally. They can work solo or in teams. The pay can vary depending on different factors like the type of load, mileage, and even the area.

Certification: Commercial Driver's License and on-the-job training.

Get Started:Becoming a Truck Driver in 6 Steps

26. Computer support specialist

National Average Salary: $39K–$85K

Duties: Organizations hire computer support specialists to act as help-desk technicians. They usually provide technical help to all the non-IT computer users in their company.

Certification: These jobs mainly focus on support and require in-depth computer knowledge. But they don’t need any degree or formal training. It can be a good idea to get a related Associate’s degree.

Get StartedHow to Become a Computer Support Specialist

27. Massage therapist

National Average Salary: $38K–$200K

Duties: A massage therapist works extensively with their hands and will collaborate with clients to target stress and pain areas as part of the treatment plan. Other responsibilities include maintaining treatment records and coaching patients through proper exercise and relaxation techniques.

Certification: License through the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx).

Get StartedHow to Become a Massage Therapist

28. Website developer

National Average Salary: $38K–$100K

Duties: Web developers create and maintain websites by programming code and telling web applications how to operate. They’re also responsible for the website’s performance. Sometimes, web developers also design the websites, not just code them.

Certification: Learn key languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through a coding boot camp or online courses.

Get StartedHow to Become a Web Developer Without a Degree

29. Ranch manager

National Average Salary: $38K–$100K

Duties: Ranch managers direct or organize the operation of farms, ranches, and nurseries. They oversee the ranging process, including the raising and birthing of all livestock. Plus, they supervise the production and care of livestock and other farm animals.

Certification: High school diploma and on-the-job experience.

Get StartedHow to Become a Ranch Manager

30. Career coach

National Average Salary: $38K–$72K

Duties: A career coach helps people advance their careers by guiding them through all aspects of the job search process. This can include resume writing, interviewing preparation, networking, and LinkedIn optimization.

Certification: Consider earning a certificate from an internationally recognized and accredited organization, such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Get StartedHow to Become a Career Coach

31. Ironworker

National Average Salary: $36K–$89K

Duties: Ironworkers usually work on erecting new structures by joining iron girders and columns. But they sometimes also participate in the demolition, decommissioning, and rehabilitation of older structures.

Certification: You usually need a high school diploma and at least four years of working experience.

Get StartedHow to Become an Ironworker

32. Fire inspector

National Average Salary: $36K–$86K

Duties: Fire inspectors are responsible for detecting fire hazards by examining buildings. They ensure that federal, state, and local fire codes are met.

Certification: High school diploma and on-the-job training. You can become certified through the National Fire Protection Association.

Get Started:How to Become a Fire Inspector (A Step-by-Step Guide)

33. Farm labor contractor

National Average Salary: $36K–$71K

Duties: Farm labor contractors hire farmworkers to help with seasonal staffing needs. They recruit, train, manage, transport, and pay farmworkers, providing them to farmers for help in different farming activities.

Certification: Anyone associated with farm labor contracting must register with the Labor Commissioner’s Office. Apply online for an FLC license by visiting the FLC online application page.

Get StartedFarm Labor Contractor’s Application Instructions and Checklist

34. Elevator technician

National Average Salary: $35K–$100K

Duties: Elevator technicians handle the installation of elevators, mechanical walkways, and escalators. They also oversee the servicing, maintenance, testing, and repairing the electrical system and all its parts. This is one of the best paying technician jobs out there.

Certification: Apprenticeship and certification through the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC).

Get Started: How to Become an Elevator Mechanic

35. Avionics technician

National Average Salary: $35K–$85K

Duties: Avionics technicians are repair specialists who maintain a plane's electronic instruments. This includes radio communication devices, radar systems, navigation aids, and more.

Certification: Get a high school diploma or GED certificate. You’ll also need an FAA-approved avionics certification.

Get StartedHow to Become an Avionics Technician

36. Funeral service manager

National Average Salary: $35K–$75K

Duties: Funeral managers manage the general operations of a funeral home business. This includes performing various tasks, such as planning and allocating the resources of the funeral home, handling marketing, managing staff, and more.

Certification: Get a high school diploma or equivalent. And complete a reputable mortuary science course.

Get StartedHow to Become a Funeral Service Manager

37. Medical sales representative

National Average Salary: $34K–$98K

Duties: Medical sales reps market medical products and services to hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ practices.

Certification: High school diploma; training and certification necessary to become a certified national pharmaceutical rep (CNPR).

Get Started:How to Become a Medical Sales Rep

38. Gas plant operator

National Average Salary: $34K–$98K

Duties: Gas plant operators process gas for utility companies. They run compressor equipment along the pipelines used by utility companies to distribute gas. They also maintain the all-important specified pressures within the pipelines.

Certification: Most jobs require a high diploma or GED certificate. Employers usually provide training for entry-level positions. How to Get StartedHow to Become a Gas Plant Operator

39. Insurance sales agent

National Average Salary: $33K–$100K

Duties: An insurance sales agent is responsible for selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance premiums. Depending on whether they work independently or for a company will determine if they will have the interest of the customer or the business in mind when selling insurance.

Certification: High school diploma and producer license.

Get Started:Guide For How to Become an Insurance Agent

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40. Food service manager

National Average Salary: $33K–$73K

Duties: Food service managers handle the restaurant’s daily operations. They oversee their staff to ensure that customers have a positive dining experience.

Certification: You’ll typically need a high school diploma and several years of work experience in the food service industry.

Get StartedHow to Become a Food Service Manager

41. Firefighter

National Average Salary: $32K–$91K

Duties: Firefighters put out or control fires and respond to emergencies. These emergencies may involve human life, property, or the environment. Their work is dangerous. When on call, firefighters sleep, eat, and perform other duties in the fire station. They work on shifts that often last 24 hours.

Certification: Entry-level firefighters will need a high school diploma and training in emergency medical services.

Get StartedHow to Become a Firefighter

42. Court reporter

National Average Salary: $32K–$91K

Duties: A court reporter is a shorthand writer who maintains an exact record of what occurred during a legal proceeding. These workers produce a complete, accurate, and secure transcript of depositions, trials, and more.

Certification: Take up a court reporting program and meet licensing requirements. Most states in the US accept the Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) designation through the National Court Reporters Association instead of state exams.

Get Started: How to Become a Court Reporter

43. Yoga instructor

National Average Salary: $32K–$82K

Duties: Yoga instructors guide students by safely practicing various yoga poses, practicing meditation, and promoting mindfulness.

Certification: Get certified by a registered yoga school. Ensure you pick a program officially recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

Get StartedHow to Become a Yoga Instructor

44. Rigger

National Average Salary: $32K–$65K

Duties: Riggers take ownership of setting up or repairing rigging for construction projects, logging yards, manufacturing plants, ships, shipyards, and more.

Certification: You’ll typically need a high school diploma. Plus, getting an OSHA Safety Certificate can help you earn more.

Get StartedHow to Become a Rigger

45. Social services assistant

National Average Salary: $32K–$60K

Duties: Social services assistants connect clients with available benefits and community resources. These benefits include, psychology, rehabilitation, social work, and more. They also provide vital support to social workers and other mental health professionals in serving the community.

Certification: High school diploma and some on-the-job training.

Get StartedHow to Become a Social and Human Service Assistant

46. Makeup artist

National Average Salary: $29K–$65K

Duties: Makeup artists visually transform their client’s facial aesthetics through makeup. These beauty practitioners offer general makeup services or work in prosthetic design.

Certification: Enroll in a reputed makeup program. Ensure you build a portfolio of makeup images.

Get StartedHow to Become a Makeup Artist

47. Power distributor

National Average Salary: $28K–$100K

Duties: Power distributors and dispatchers operate systems to control the flow of electricity as it travels to substations and users from generating stations.

Certification: You’ll typically need a high school diploma or equivalent, and extensive on-the-job training.

Get StartedHow to Become a Power Distributor and Dispatcher

48. Waste collector

National Average Salary: $28K–$100K

Duties: A waste collector (also referred to as a garbage man) is employed by a public or private enterprise to collect and safely dispose solid waste, recyclables, residential, and commercial waste.

Certification: High school diploma and on-the-job training.

Get StartedHow to Become a Garbage Collector

49. Manufacturing sales representative

National Average Salary: $27K–$100K

Duties: Manufacturing sales representatives sell goods for wholesalers or manufacturers to other businesses and organizations. They usually attend trade shows and conferences to reach new customers and follow up with old ones.

Certification: Get a high school diploma or GED certificate and lots of on-the-job experience.

Get StartedHow to Become a Manufacturing Sales Representative

50. Chef

National Average Salary: $27K–$81K

Duties: Chefs oversee the daily food preparation at restaurants and other places where food is served.

Certification: No strict education or training is required. Most chefs gain knowledge and skills while on the job.

Get StartedHow to Become a Chef

51. Flight attendant

National Average Salary: $18K–$100K

Duties: Flight attendants are responsible for providing passengers with a positive experience. They achieve this through providing routine services and responding to emergencies.

Certification: You’ll need a minimum of a high school diploma or GED. Consider taking up a flight attendant training program to increase your employability.

Get StartedHow to Become a Flight Attendant

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How Common Are $60K-A-Year Jobs With Little Schooling?

We’ve shared our list of the 50+ jobs that pay $60K, regardless of your education level. It’s safe to say that 60K salary jobs are pretty common with little schooling. Still need convincing? Here’s an interesting statistic: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that between 2020 and 2030, about 60% of new jobs will be in occupations that don’t require an associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate degree. Lyle Solomon, a personal finance expert and principal attorney at Oak View Law Group, says,

$60K-a-Year Jobs without a degree are pretty abundant, and with the right skills, mindset, and know-how, one should easily be able to secure them. As the economy grows, the need for construction and installation goes up significantly; hence there are always a lot of workforce requirements that are not education-oriented but rather based on skills and training.

How to Get Jobs that Pay 60,000 a Year

Here are a few tips to help you find top-paying jobs without degrees:

1. Pick your career path strategically

Understand that some jobs, roles, and industries pay more than others. So, the first step to finding a job that pays $60K a year is knowing where to look. Currently, several jobs in construction, installation, renewable energy, and computer science pay very well without requiring degrees.

Here’s the bottom line: If a high level of compensation is your priority—make sure you’re exploring opportunities in fields and industries willing to pay that kind of money. Confused about which career to pick?

Read our article on 10 Steps For How to Choose a Career (With List of 800+ Job Ideas)

2. Find ways to refine your skills

We bet you’ve met college grads who believe their degree dictates the kinds of jobs they can do. As someone looking for a high-paying job with little schooling, you want to step away from this thinking. Focus instead on refining the skills you need to get your dream job. 

  • You want to be a coder? Learn the key computer languages and work on sample projects to showcase your abilities. 
  • Think you have what it takes to become a professional makeup artist? This type of freelance job will require you to hone your skills with practice, work with an expert, and create a social profile highlighting your work.

3. Build your network

Degree or no degree, one common aspect that helps all jobseekers set their foot in the door is networking. A survey by Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems showed that nearly 85% of jobs are landed through personal connections and networking! This isn’t something you want to shy away from. Be intentional and proactive about building connections. Here’s how you can get started with networking:

  • Build a solid profile on LinkedIn. Ensure your profile has all the key details about your skills and interests. You can then request to connect with influencers, experts, and headhunters relevant to your field.
  • Don’t skip networking events. Everyone attending makes their intentions clear—they want to get to know each other.
  • Take a step back and analyze your current network. Is there anyone with relevant experience to help you out? Don’t hesitate to ask for help—it could be the only thing standing between you and your $60K job.

Final Thoughts

Over the past decade, there have been growing concerns over increasing tuition fees, student debt, and the lower quality of graduates. And yet, today’s society believes higher education is essential to earning a higher income in the future.

Of course, getting a degree has its benefits. However, having one isn’t always a prerequisite for a high-paying job. We hope our list of 50+ jobs that pay well without a degree has outlined how skills (and not necessarily a degree) can still earn you a great income today.


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Lawhorn, R. F. and W. (n.d.). Fast-growing occupations that pay well and don’t require a college degree: Career Outlook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved March 15, 2023, from https://www.bls.gov/careeroutlook/2022/article/occupations-that-dont-require-a-degree.htm

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