I started my website through iPage back in 2010 and have consistently earned $10,000+ a year because of it (some years were close to $30,000!!). I made all this money not because I was an expert blogger (heck I’m not even a great writer!). It was because I have an undeniable passion around teaching people to ditch their debt and get wealthy! Apparently, this passion has rubbed off over the years as I now have 30,000+ readers every single month!

Start Your Own Blog Through iPage

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Doesn’t that sound like fun? Do you have a passion around a particular topic? I mean think about what your life could be:

You roll out of bed in the morning, sip on a cup of coffee, and then write about that one thing that you could talk about forever – hiking, working out, traveling, DIY projects, politics, mommy stuff, ANYTHING!

And then, people actually respond to your passion (you know, instead of roll their eyes like your friends do)! They start asking you about what you’re doing, where you’ve been, how you figured this out and that out, and you get to keep talking about your passion day in and day out! AND, you might even earn a nice chunk of money doing it! Sound awesome, right? I won’t lie to you, IT IS! So why not get started today?

Want to know the cost? A measly $1.99 a month… $23.88 for the entire first year of blogging. And I’ll show you exactly how to sign up AND set up your WordPress page. We can knock this out in 15 minutes or less! Let’s get started!

Web Hosting from iPage

Oh yeah, and to make sure you know I’m serious about helping you, I’ll even offer to walk you through your page sign-up! Just shoot me an email and we’ll figure out how to get started together: derek (at) lifeandmyfinances [dot]  com.

Sign-Up and Blog Building Help

Here are the series of articles I wrote to help people not only sign up, but also make their blog look awesome and earn money! Check out the posts below and click through the areas that interest you!

…and more to come!

Web Hosting from iPage

Additional Resources…

Here’s some additional resources that should help you once you get into the process.

WordPress Themes

Atahualpa – this is a free theme that I use for this site. It offers tons of options and is relatively easy to use.

Thesis – this theme has an initial cost, but it really looks sweet! It’s what all the big dogs use for their sites.

Helpful WordPress Plug-ins

When you initially start your own blog, it’s going to be pretty basic. Here are the plug-ins that I use for my site to make it more personable and profitable!

If you are unsure how to download the plug-ins with the links I have provided, you can always go into your WordPress Plug-ins, “Add New”, and search the exact name I have provided. Then you can just click, “Install Now”.

Fast Secure Contact Form – If you want your readers (or potential advertisers) to be able to contact you via a contact form, this is the best one that I have found.

Simple Google Sitemap XML generates a valid Google XML sitemap, which can then be used with Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Tweet, Like, Google +1, and Share – this is an awesome plug-in that allows people to Tweet, Like, or Google +1 your posts!

WordPress SEO – This plug-in really boosts your Search Engine Optimization and you’ll almost immediately see your Google Search traffic increase.

Thank Me Later – This is a great plug-in that automatically sends an email to your commenters! Make sure that you set it up to only send an email to newcomers though, otherwise it just gets annoying for repeat commenters.

Growmap Anti Spambot – if you are receiving a ton of spam comments, this plug-in will eliminate nearly all of those simply by adding a check-box below your comment window. Your commenters will just have to check the box to prove they aren’t a spam-bot. I like this plug-in way better than Captcha because I think it’s less annoying for my readers.

SEO Smart Links – this plug-in will automatically set up links to certain words that you type in your posts. I use this so that it links, “Make More Money” to my page about making more money. It’s pretty slick.

CommentLuv – other bloggers like to have their latest posts shown when they comment on your site. It’s a good incentive for them to comment. This plug-in does just that.

If you have any additional questions about a blog start-up, send me an email at derek [at] lifeandmyfinances {dot} com or reach me through my Contact Form. Then I can help you out right away and potentially add some more info here for the next person that has the same question!

Start your own blog today! You can do it!

Web Hosting from iPage


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