8 Benefits of Owning a Credit Card

get out of credit card debt


First of all, let me start with a huge warning: If you run the risk of falling into credit card debt, you should not get a credit card. I repeat: Do not get a credit card if there’s any chance you might start accruing debt.

Some people avoid credit cards because they don’t want to get into debt. That’s totally valid.

But if you can avoid carrying a balance, here are a list of reasons why credit cards can be good for you.

#1: Credit-Building. If you ever hope to make a major purchase in your life, such as a mortgage, then you will need a credit score. One easy and excellent way to build credit is through responsible credit card use. You can build a strong credit score by charging a small amount to your credit card (relative to your total credit limit) and paying the balance on-time . . . → Read More: 8 Benefits of Owning a Credit Card