Best PF Articles of the Week

I probably read more than 25 articles this week. Some were sub-par, others were okay, and then there were four that actually taught me something (and I actually had a good time reading them). Take a look at these awesome posts and be sure to let me know which one was your favorite!

The Health Benefits of Early Retirement are Priceless

by Financial Samuari – I have toyed with the idea of early retirement, and now that my net worth is beginning to skyrocket (and since I still have 35 years until a traditional retirement at 65), I’m starting to consider it even more frequently. Not only are there freedom benefits, but there are health benefits too?? Sign me up!

5 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

by Frugal Rules – While I am actually very content with my job, I know plenty of people that really can’t stand . . . → Read More: Best PF Articles of the Week

Best PF Articles from this Past Week (and Website Growth Reports)

Do you realize how many personal finance articles are written each week? There have to be thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands. It seems like every person that is paying down debt today (which is pretty much everyone) has their own blog and is journaling about their experience. Needless to say, this puts a lot of opinions on the web, but a very small percentage of those opinions are accurate and exhibit quality (and entertaining) writing.

Best PF Articles from Last Week

Each week, I weed through all of the bad stuff and come up with 4-5 articles that I absolutely loved and that I think can help you out in your journey to wealth. Check out the articles from last week!

5 Secret Habits of Self-Made Millionaires – by – I absolutely loved this article and was happy to note that my actions should be getting me . . . → Read More: Best PF Articles from this Past Week (and Website Growth Reports)