Buying a House? What Type of Mortgage Loans Are Best?

types of mortgage loans

Buying your first home can be an exciting time. You’ll read up which are the best parts of town to live. You’ll check the styles of homes available. And then you’ll start comparing prices and checking mortgage rates. Sounds simple, right? Just find your dream home and sign for a mortgage…

What Type of Mortgage Loans Are Best?

But buying a home is a huge investment. Mortgages may seem like a simple concept, but there is much more to them than most realize. Will you apply for a fixed or adjustable-rate? Is an FHA loan right for you? Is there a penalty for paying off your mortgage early? These questions can be overwhelming, but picking a type of mortgage loan doesn’t have to be. To keep it simple, here are five of the top mortgage loans, complete with their pros and cons.

Fixed Rate

Fixed rate mortgages are a budget maker’s dream. Regardless if the interest rates shift upwards through the duration of your loan, your monthly payments will stay the same. This makes fixed rate mortgages beneficial when the rates are high, but can also be a disadvantage when . . . → Read More: Buying a House? What Type of Mortgage Loans Are Best?